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If you didn't know Bleach Brave souls is an app for IOS and Android that allows you to play with characters from the anime series Bleach. July 23 will mark the birthday of this hit app and I can't wait for what entails. So far it seems to be a plethora of goodies from exclusives to free characters there's plenty with this update. Now unfortunately while TOMORROW is the 23 TODAY actually starts you off on the whole event train meaning you can miss out on Kon giving you free spirit orbs and they accumulate rather quickly for every login. Spirit Orbs are the currency in this game you use them to buy characters and accessories in the Urahara shop. Oh but this anniversary isn't the only reason to act fast.
If you happen to get the game there is currently an even called the Getsuga Frenzy event! This allows you to pick up a free 5-star Ichigo there's still plenty of time left in the event for you to get him full of his frenzy crystals but it's better to get him sooner than later. There is also a beginner's mission which if you complete all the orders for (my brother did it in two days after he lost his account so not hard at all to accomplish) you can get a free 5-star! And who is among them non other than the beastly AIZEN! so you can get Aizen for free! Lastly I would like to inform you of the next summoning event which has Bankai Gin in it so if he happens to be your favorite character he's going to be arriving in the summoning event in about a week so if you do start playing keep a lookout for Gin Ichimaru
So you thinking about picking up Bleach Brave Souls? If you do you can add me 32 717 805 is my player ID please feel free ^w^ also no matter how good the odds if you go for a summoning and are hoping for a 5 star....Sean Bean xD See you on the battle field Nakama!
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It is a really good game. I've got 18 5* so far. I sent a request. Names BigRed