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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 6 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Chanyeol's POV After a month had passed, he was already starting to feel the pressure of being with her. Y/N was constantly at work and she worked late hours as did he. He would see her for lunch and they'd have a good time, they were getting along well but he was stressed out from work and really needed some relief. She hadn't had a day off since she became head of the winter line and it was more because she had to rush for deadlines. She was one of those particular people that needed to get the details right. Artist were often perfectionist with their work and she definitely was. Still, he'd come home late at night and she'd already be asleep just so she could wake up early the next morning to go to work and he'd still be asleep when she slipped out of bed. All he could do was sneak in bed behind her and cuddle up with her all night and feel her warmth. He held her tight and didn't let go even in his sleep, he imagined she had to pry his hands apart so that she could slip out of the house. Despite everything going on he was determined not to cheat. Gi had constantly threatened him but he showed that he didn't care, that all he wanted was Y/N. She still hadn't let up yet, she wasn't used to being rejected and him seeing someone else was obviously no heavy thing on her conscious. He wanted to make the night of his performance memorable though. He had a meeting with his director about his music video for 'Love died' and he had been texting Yixing on his down time. He told him he had a performance later on that night, this one was a recorded performance though, he didn't mention that to him however. He didn't even say anything to Y/N about it because it was only a recording he wanted her to come to the live performance that was in two weeks. He tried texting her earlier but she hadn't said anything back to him so she must've been super busy which was no surprise there; although, he wished she'd text back. She was always glued to her phone when she was around him those past few months but now if she was on the phone she was discussing business with Tao. He had spent time in the studio finishing up the last song to his album when his director came in. They had been in an intense conversation about the music video all day and before Chanyeol knew it, it was almost time for lunch. He texted Y/N real quick and told her that he was going to have to cancel their lunch date to finish up with his director. They were still getting some of the details together and their were certain parts to the music video he didn't agree with. 'Love died' was one of the most passionate songs he'd written and because he wrote it based off of their relationship he wanted to get it right. He was looking forward to his performance in two weeks so she could hear it. He wondered how she might react. Even though he had told Y/N he was canceling their lunch date, by force of habit when Sehun asked where he was going he blurted out, "To lunch with Y/N." He had walked out of the studio but by the time he realized what he said he was already down the hall. It's not like he needed to clarify it anyway. He made his way to the entrance when he saw that girl that dated Tao. She was standing their talking to his director. She was pretty but she looked vindictive as hell. He wondered why she was even there. He walked over to his director and said, "Ready to go?" "Yeah." his director said. "Just a minute Mr.Park Chanyeol. I have some business of my own to discuss with you." The girl said. She looked at him with a wicked smirk that she tried to pass off as kind. He just looked at her strangely and said, "Perhaps some other time I really have something important I have to deal with." "I think you want to hear me out. It involves your girlfriend." she said. His eyes narrowed on her, he turned to his director and said he'd be right out and asked him to wait for him. He nodded and walked out of the building. The girl walked over to one of the tables and sat down so he followed and sat in front of her. "What's this about Y/N? Is she okay?" he asked. "More than okay. I think your sweet little girlfriend and my dear boyfriend have been secretly dating behind our backs." "What are you going on about? Y/N wouldn't cheat on me, it's not like she has the time anyway." he said upset at the accusation. "Trust me she puts on the good girl act well but I found out about them. You see I didn't like how quickly they became friends, surely she must've said something to you about them always going after each other at work. Admittedly Tao was always the one to start something but I guess I should've realized it then. Don't men often tease the girls they like?" "Y/N's a likeable person, she's sweet, caring- classy. If he likes her let him it's your problem not mine but just because he has a crush on my girlfriend doesn't mean she's cheating on me." "So much faith you have in your little princess I wonder if that's what's made you blind. They've had a few dinners alone together Chanyeol." She said. "They work together they probably were discussing business." She pulled up a picture on her phone and showed him it. Tao was bent over kissing Y/N's forehead and she was smiling. She handed him the phone and he flipped through the various pictures of them smiling together and talking. Instant jealousy rushed through his body and when he came to a picture of them holding hands he couldn't help but clench his teeth. Still he tried to keep his cool and threw her phone down on the table in front of her, "This proves nothing." he said pissed. "Blind." she said shaking her head. "You've wasted enough of my time." Chanyeol said pissed off. He stood up to walk away. "Tao had a secret account on a chatting website. The app is on his phone. He goes by the name of Mr.Sandman, I accessed it when he was asleep. He's been talking to someone named Dreamgirl and it's been that way for about ten months now. I read through their messages and I realized something. About a month ago, I heard him call her Dreamgirl on the phone. I don't think he knew I heard him but apparently she wouldn't call him by his pen name. I recall him saying 'right, your rapper boyfriend probably hasn't left yet'' or something along those lines. If you don't believe me check her phone Chanyeol. People don't just change the dynamic of their relationship so quickly it takes time for things to fall apart or be put together." She stood up, "My boyfriend likes your girlfriend and I'm willing to bet she likes him back." She walked past Chanyeol struting very haughty like outside. He hated the lingering scent of her perfume, it smelled awful on her. He couldn't get those pictures out of his mind though. Her holding his hand and laughing with him, she let him kiss her on the forehead. That hit him hard, it's not like he had any right to be upset for being cheated on when he had done it to her first and he had done it for so long but it just wasn't in her nature. He didn't want to believe it. He went out to lunch with his director with her on his mind, wondering if Tao's girlfriend was right. He had saw her lock code a few days ago and he'd never dream to go through her phone but he wanted to know. He had been faithful for a month and she had been busy so he didn't bother her like he used to but he needed her. He needed her to be all his and Tao trying to steal her from him under his nose was not okay. She called him a few times but between arguing with his director and contemplating the evidence presented to him he just ignored her calls. He wouldn't do anything stupid he'd just look through her phone. He'd prove to himself they weren't seeing each other. When he got home late that night, she was already asleep. The blankets were half hanging off of her; she had his shirt on and her underwear was showing because the shirt was rolled up to her stomach. She looked peaceful and he didn't want to wake her. He saw her work phone on the charger and her cell phone siting right next to it. He quietly made his way over to it and grabbed it off her night stand and snuck out of the room. It was easy for him to spot which app Tao's girlfriend was talking about, she only had three installed apps on her phone and two of them were games she never really played. He opened up the app, luckily her username and password had been saved in it and he saw the pen name Tao's girl had mentioned earlier: Dreamgirl. He was already starting to get annoyed, he opened up the chat part and started to read through their messages. They had been chatting for a while, she had two chats up one was called Misters and Divas and the other one was the private one he had been reading through. He seemed to be flirting with her but they didn't speak about their relationships from what he was reading. They were really just chatting mostly. She wasn't exactly encouraging the flirting but she wasn't stopping if either. Other than that he didn't see anything that was threatening their relationship. She must've read farther up so he kept scrolling and scrolling waiting to see something that said she was cheating or had been. He saw the text of her talking about him. She was complaining about how he was just acting so harshly too her. He didn't want her on the phone and he always wanted to have sex with her, she didn't understand why he couldn't get it through his head that a relationship was more than just sex. That stung, it hurt his heart because that's not what he thought about her or their relationship he just always wanted to touch her because he had been able to, he loved her. In hindsight, she mostly likely didn't want him touching her because she knew he was cheating but she always gave in anyway. Mr.Sandman suggested she leave him and he almost crushed her phone immediately. She said she couldn't though because she still loved him, no matter how much he was hurting her, she still loved him. That fact alone was killing him; knowing she knew the whole time what he was doing to her, was the reason why he was trying so hard to make it work. To see how upset she was, how annoyed she was, she had known for so long and just pretended it never happened because she loved him. She couldn't leave him. He sighed but they were still talking and apparently meeting up, so was she falling out of love with him? Was she falling in love with Tao? Did she already assume that he had done the worst and cheated again? He noticed how whenever she texted 'Mr.Sandman bring me a dream' he texted back immediately. There were so many text messages he didn't have the patients to continue scrolling to read through them but he decided he'd do something about this. He was fine with Tao having a crush on her, it's not like he could control that but he was not just going to keep letting him inch his way into his girl's heart. Y/N belonged to him, she was all his and he wanted her to stay in love with him. He set up a meeting place at the Starfish Hotel and texted him: Dreamgirl: Mr.Sandman bring me a dream. I'm at the starfish hotel come to me. Like he expected he texted back immediately. Mr.Sandman: Why are you at hotel? Did something happen? Dreamgirl: I'll explain once you get here. Ask for Dreamgirl and they'll give you a key. Mr.Sandman:Okay I'll be there soon. Chanyeol put her phone back and headed to the hotel. He was able to get a last minute room and put it under Y/N's pen name. He waited for Tao to show up. When he heard the door handle being messed with he stepped into the bathroom. Tao and Y/N only referred to each other by there pen names and even though he saw those pictures of them together he still wanted to confirm that Tao knew he was talking to Y/N. "Y/N?" he heard Tao call. That was easy. He stepped out from the bathroom and Tao's worried face turned to that of confusion. He had his hand in his pocket and still dressed in his suit, he must not have changed yet, not unless he always met up with Y/N like that. "What the hell is this?" he said. "I could ask you the same thing, you've been flirting with my girlfriend." Tao smirked, "So you've come to scare me away?" "I want to know why are you playing the friend when you're secretly trying to steal her from me." "Well if you had been treating her right in the first place she wouldn't need to go looking for a campaign." "That's our business it has nothing to do with you." Chanyeol snapped. Tao continued to smile through the conversation which only pissed him off more. "You're an idiot you know that?" Tao said. Chanyeol clenched his fist along with his teeth trying to refrain from punching him. "She's such a good girl. She loves you so much even when you treated her like shit." Chanyeol looked away, hearing someone else say it to him burned. "You ignored her, then cheated on her, you pestered her until she did everything you asked of her even when she didn't want to. Yet she still loved you, someone that betrayed her and continued to betray her and accused her of cheating when that's what you were doing. That girl would take a bullet for you if you asked her to and now you've brought me out here, why? Because you feel threatened? She gave you another chance to prove yourself to her, you really think she's like you? She couldn't cheat even if she tried, it's not in her nature. She has more class than that Chanyeol." "You think I don't know that?" he said upset. "I'm positive you don't know that, otherwise you wouldn't have come to me. You would've gone to her and asked her yourself. You're probably just afraid she'll say something you don't want to hear. If Y/N really wanted me she could've had me by now. I've been infatuated with her since she walked through the doors of my father's building. It eats at me knowing she was so happy with you, knowing she loved you even when you did that to her. I hate it even more that she gave you a second chance especially when I know can treat her ten times better than you ever had." "She's mine, I begged her for another chance and I'm not just going to let someone like you push me out of the way. You're going to stop talking to her on this app. Anything outside of business I won't allow." "Don't you think that would make Y/N upset? She's already stopped hanging out with her friend because of you and she hasn't seen her family in a while all because of you. You're really willing to alienate her from everyone she cares about?" "She told you that?" Chanyeol said hurt. "She told me what she wanted me to know, when she was hurt, I'd make her feel better. I'm happier than I've ever been knowing that she is Dreamgirl. I would do anything to have her, most men would." "You have a girl." "No, what I have is a pain in the ass. My father just likes that people see us together but if you think for one second that me and her are even slightly in love you're just as foolish as the rest of them." "My point was you have a girl so leave mine alone. Y/N is mine and I'm not going to lose her to you. Stay away from her I mean it." "Chanyeol, you really can't handle the competition? You're telling me you're that scared of losing her? You doubt her love for you even now?" "I just don't want to find out." Chanyeol answered. He turned away from Tao and walked out of the hotel room. He made his way back home, he walked into the house taking off his shirt and throwing it on the couch. He plopped down on the couch turning on the TV and looking at the silent pictures moving by. Tao wasn't going to end this easily and if he was going to keep Y/N he'd have to put more effort into their relationship. She had revealed so much to him about their relationship. They mostly spoke about everyday things but it seemed that if he had pissed her off she'd vent to him. It was different if she would've went to Sehun but she went to Tao. Everything really had changed, they used to have time for each other, now they barely saw each other any more. He was living with a ghost again. With Tao getting to spend hours upon hours with her, he had the advantage to pull her away from him and it pissed him off. The door to their bedroom opened and a sleepy faced Y/N walked out of the room; she walked straight to the kitchen completely looking past him. She went into the fridge for a bottle of water and Chanyeol watched her silently. She was half asleep he noticed, she looked past him because she actually hadn't seen him. "Hey babe." he said. She jumped, dropping her water on the ground. She cursed to herself and grabbed the bottle before it spilled out all on the floor. "You scared me. How long have you been sitting there?" "Only a few minutes." he responded. She yawned, she looked upset but she was just frowning from being sleepy he guessed. She walked over and sat down on the couch next to him after cleaning up the water. She leaned against him and he wrapped his arms around her. "What are you doing up so late?" He asked. "I could ask you the same thing. Come to bed." He chuckled and kissed her head. She was his for sure. He wouldn't lose to Tao. He whispered, "Come with me." "Mhm." She nodded her head against his chest but didn't attempt to move. He picked her up and headed to the bedroom and laid her down. She wrapped his arms around her and he scooted closer to her completing the spoon. She muttered, "Why didn't you answer your phone today?" "I'm sorry Sunshine, I had a lot to think about today." "Like what?" "I'll tell you tomorrow for now just sleep." he said. He buried his face in her hair, the sweet scent of whatever shampoo she used and the warmth of her body lulled him to sleep. Tao's words left his head once he saw her but he was sure they would come back to haunt him tomorrow. So he would enjoy this moment of bliss.
Alright you guys thank you for reading I will be sure to update as soon as I can. I'm off to work on Hunters Chapter two hopefully that will be updated before midnight tonight. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele
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