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Earlier at the event for Est cola in thailand... Jackson was busy with other promotions/shows so could not make it.. isn't Junior so cute????? here's some of the other pictures from the event..
everyone is smiling... except junior!! he really does miss him =) * please notice JBs smile* God he needs to do this more often!
!!!! evidence #3!! poor baby!
so serious! =( but everyone else seams to be having fun! I love seeing them happy and all these awesome opportunities coming their way..I mean... the faces of Got7 is all over the country now! that's sooooo awesome!
Also I must acknowledge how JB with glasses brings life to me! wooooohhh!!! more on the event here>> http://www.vingle.net/posts/1693971?asrc=copylink
I've said this before but idols in glasses is one of my main weaknesses.
@XionHeart mines are glasses and suits when it comes to out wear. uhhhh I just can't
@Miichi Glasses and piercings. Dear God glasses and piercings.