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D.O x OC Word count:972 need to start from the beginning? chapter 1
or just need to jump back a chapter? chapter 8 안녕 여러분~ Better chapter to make up for the nervous ending from last time :) Hope y'all are having a good summer~
"Lauren." He whispered this time, not trusting his voice. "D.O..." Her father said in the quiet room. "Please don't worry yourself right now. She's just not feeling well. She's sleeping." D.O took a huge deep breath and shakily released the air. "Could you tell her I was here?" "Of course we will. We'll contact you when she's feeling better." The three of them stood there for a moment, eyes fixated on the girl. D.O didn't realize he was tearing up a little until he felt her mother's hands on his shoulders. "D.O. were so good to our little girl. Now I want you to focus on your life -- you will have an amazing life ahead of you with your music and singing and acting. I want you to forget about this situation for right now. You and SM have helped us already a great deal." She practically whispered. D.O furrowed his brows: "I'll never forget. I love her." Her mother smiled slightly and nodded her head. "Be off, now. Lauren's sleeping anyways. You should be, too." D.O nodded and headed towards the door. Once he left and the two friends ushered him outside the hospital, D.O could feel his head spinning. "D.O, are you okay? You don't look so well right now." Kai mentioned right before D.O's legs startled to wobble some and he lost his balance. Chanyeol grabbed his shoulders to help him, but D.O just started bawling. D.O's body went limp and Chanyeol had to set him on the ground. "Yah! D.O, not here!!" Kai scolded. "The manager sent a van to come pick us up. It should be around here. But D.O! Don't make us get caught by anyone." D.O's cries became muffled as Chanyeol put his hand around his mouth. "Dammit, D.O!" Kai whispered as a nurse was walking up to the three. "Are you all okay? . . . Is he okay?" She asked cautiously. "He won't be able to breathe properly if you cover his face like that." Chanyeol didn't remove his hand; if he did, then she might somehow recognize D.O's ugly, swollen, tear-stained face. "Sir...I can help if you need. We have counselors if you would like to reach out to them." "Nope. Bye." Kai said trying to rush her away and his mask slipping a little off his face. "I insist! He looks a mess right now. I can get a wheel chair for you." "Seriously, it's fine." Chanyeol tried. She wouldn't take no for an answer -- she was a feisty and assertive nurse. She came over and slapped Chanyeol's hand away. Chanyeol tried fighting back, but didn't want to get in trouble. "Hyung! Cover your face!" Kai hissed before the nurse would see. D.O, despite being a wreck 2 minutes ago, found his face cover mask and put it on quickly before she would recognize him. "You all are acting very strange..." She mentioned. "Are you okay?" She changed her tone when she was talking to D.O. "Fine." "Can I check your vitals real quick?" They all humphed loudly. She kept staring at Kai strangely. "Our ride should be here soon, so...." "Can I get a picture?" "huh?" "Ummm.....You're Shinee's Taemin, right? Oh my God! I think you are!" She silently yelled while pulling her phone out.. "What? No!!" "Can I please have a picture?" "I'm not Taemin!" Kai yelled while she shyly chased him around a little. Chanyeol and D.O stood up and spotted the van and starting running towards it. Kai starting following suit, and got in the van. Before closing the door he turned to her "KAI! I AM EXO'S KAI!" before slamming the door. D.O and Chanyeol started giggling. "I'm glad you two liked that. . . and I'm glad you can still laugh right now, D.O." The three of them rode in the car for the short distance from the hospital to the dormitory. Once they were inside again, D.O couldn't stop checking his phone, hoping for a sign that he could visit her again. He didn't fall asleep until it was 6 in the morning, just 2 hours after he found out Lauren was admitted to the hospital. --- The next morning was gloomy. But D.O felt better than he expected. He was going to take care of himself so Lauren would never have to worry about him. Suho announced they would have a performance for Music Bank later in the day and suggested everyone just chill for the early day. He wasn't going to go to the hospital until her parents contacted SM or until Lauren messaged him. D.O (Fri 11:30 am): Lauren, EXO will be performing on Music Bank tonight. I hope you watch. --- It had been 3 days since D.O messaged Lauren again, hoping for some form of reaching out. But without a response, his heart started to fall. Everyone was in the den watching a movie while D.O was in the kitchen popping pop corn for them all. "HYUNG! HYUNG! D.O!" Everyone was screaming at him. "What what what?!" "It's Lauren! She must be awake. She responded." Xiumin said while tossing D.O his phone. D.O's face lit up as he saw the short notification on his screen. Lauren (Mon 5:50 pm): 오빠... Lauren (Mon 5:51 pm): I'm sorry D.O (Mon 5:51 pm): Don't be sorry Lauren (Mon 5:55 pm): I missed you. D.O (Mon 5:55 pm): I miss you, too It was a short conversation, but D.O's whole body filled with joy at being able to message her again. The boys went back to watching the movie, and D.O looked around at his fellow band mates. He was going to try and be more grateful for everything he has. He doesn't want to take advantage of anything. He was going to try to be more like Lauren.
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@Tigerlily84 haha thanks don't cry!!~ ^^ 울지마 언니~ ㅎㅎ
@shelbyhusband I read 8 &9 back to back. Thank you for the funny part about the nurse thinking Kai was Taemin. Lol I needed that or I might have cried. I love this story.
@shelbyhusband LOL I'll try not too.