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Chapter 2:
Tuesday came quicker than Jiyoon had expected. Once she had sent all of the other kids off to school, she rushed to her room and quickly changed before heading to the address on the business card that she was given. As Jiyoon walked to the building she spotted one of the groups of guys from the club. She stopped, frozen in place when the realization hit her. They were idols. Idol rappers that had still gone back to the club to see other underground rappers. Taking in a few deep breaths, she shook off her nerves and entered the building.
Once inside, Jiyoon felt small and not to mention lost while looking for the audition room. She turned the corner and bumped straight into another person causing her to fall book. Jiyoon looked up from the floor and blinked, realizing that it was GOT7’s Junior who she bumped into.
“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Junior. I didn’t mean to...l was just...just looking for the audition room.”
Junior smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. I can show you where the audition room is.” Jiyoon smiled widely and took Junior’s hand to pull herself up. “Thanks, that would really be helpful.” Junior just nodded again and started walking down the hall while Jiyoon followed him.
“So are you the new rapper that JYP was talking about? Jimhoon or something?” Jiyoon laughed and nodded, “It’s Jiyoon but yeah. I’m here to see if I’m actually good enough to rap professionally.” She quickly added, “Not that Jackson, BamBam and Mark aren’t great rappers!! I just mean...” Junior laughed, “Calm down Jiyoon. You’re getting yourself worked up. I know you didn’t mean it like that.” Jiyoon sighed and smiled, “Thanks Junior.” He nodded as he stopped walking. “Well this is the audition room. Looks like you’re the only one auditioning today.” Jiyoon nodded, “Thanks again Junior. Maybe I’ll see you around?” Junior nodded, “That would be nice.”
At that moment Mark came up and wrapped his arm around Junior’s shoulders. “JB sent me to get you. We do have practice you know.” Junior nodded, “I know Mark-hyung. I was showing Jiyoon where the audition room was.” Mark nodded and smiled at Jiyoon before leaving and taking Junior with him.
Jiyoon took a deep breath and smiled as she walked into the audition room. Even though she was auditioning for JYP Entertainment, she was going to perform “Bulletproof Part Two” by BTS. Kangwoo, the scout who had offered her the audition smiled, “Whenever you’re ready Jihoon.” Jiyoon nodded and looked towards the ground, calming herself until the music started. Once the music began, her head snapped up and she began dancing the choreography of the song. It wasn’t overly impressive until it came to the rap. The rap began and she stood still for a second before starting to move around again. Without stumbling over her words at the speed of the song, she rapped along to the verses with ease.
The song ended and Jiyoon stood there breathing in and out trying to regain her breath. The panel watching her audition smiled and all nodded to each other. Kangwoo gave Jiyoon an encouraging smile, “Just one moment please Jihoon, we recorded your audition and we’d like for our director to come and see it.” Jiyoon nodded and stood there waiting. A few minutes later, Park Jinyoung himself walked in and sat down, surprising Jiyoon. Moments later after watching Jiyoon’s audition and the man was smiling like crazy. JYP turned to Jiyoon. “You’re really good kid. I think there are a few things that could be worked on, but overall...I like you. Follow me back to my office and we can talk about your trainee contract” It was an understatement to say Jiyoon was ecstatic. Jiyoon smiled and nodded profusely, “Yes, of course! thank you very much sir!” She placed the microphone she had been given back on the table and followed JYP out the audition room.
As they walked back to his office they passed GOT7 coming out of their practice room. Mark and Junior smiled at Jiyoon before smiling at each other. Mark leaned over to him and whispered, “Told ya she would make it.” Jackson and BamBam blinked in curiosity before BamBam spoke. “Mark-hyung, haven’t we seen them somewhere before?” Jackson and Mark blinked again. “Yeah..but where...?” JYP ignored the boys and so Jiyoon followed his lead.
Once they were in JYP’s office Jiyoon took a seat across from JYP. Jiyoon smiled again, “Again, thank you so much sir! It’s a huge honor to sign with a company that has one of my favorite groups.” JYP smiled, “It’s not a problem Jihoon. If anything, I should be thanking you. Your talent for rapping is great. And the feeling you give off is something I look for in all my trainees.”
At the end of the meeting, JYP gathered up the papers that highlighted the rules and regulations of the company trainee policy and handed them over to Jiyoon. “I’ll have my secretary send you all the necessary paperwork that you will need to sign. Be sure to read over all these documents. Do you have any other questions, Jihoon?” JYP asked. At the mention of her “name”, Jiyoon began to nervously twiddle her fingers.
Jiyoon looked at the floor before looking at JYP. “I….My name is Jiyoon not Jihoon,” Jiyoon began, “I dressed as a guy because the underground rapping circuit that I was scouted at didn’t allow for female rappers.” JYP frowned at this sudden revelation, “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Jiyoon answered truthfully, “It’s not that I didn’t want to...I was just afraid you’d turn me away.” JYP sighed but gave Jiyoon a caring smile, “You need not to worry about that. You’ll still going to train with us.”
A half hour later and Jiyoon was standing outside of a rehearsal studio. JYP told her that she would just watch and train with GOT7 as mentors for now. Jiyoon of course was really excited. Slowly, she reached her hand up and knocked on the door.
Inside the studio the music shut off and footsteps thudded towards the door. The door opened and there stood JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. They all just stood there staring at her. Jiyoon’s face slowly began to heat up. She quickly introduced herself to feel less awkward. “Hello it’s nice to meet you all! I’m Kim Jiyoon and I look forward to working with you all.” They all smiled and introduced themselves together. JaeBum gestured her inside the studio, “Well come on Jiyoon, we have practicing to do.” Jiyoon nodded and followed the boys into the studio. Once inside Jiyoon looked at them, “So JaeBum-oppa! What are we doing today?”
After practice GOT7 looked around the practice room and smiled. Mark and Junior smiled at Jiyoon. Junior walked over to Jiyoon, “You ready to go home Jiyoon?” Jiyoon shook her head, “N-No sorry oppa..I have to go get my stuff.” Mark just smiled, “Would you like some help?” Jiyoon quickly shook her head, “No, no it’s fine oppas really….Manager-oppa and I can get everything. I don’t have a lot.” Mark and Junior nodded understandingly. “Alright. We’ll see you back at the dorms then.” Jiyoon gave the boys a short wave goodbye.
When they arrived at the orphanage Jiyoon ran up to her room and packed everything in her suitcase before she went back down to the manager. Once she was back in the van the manager drove to the dorm. Jiyoon held her suitcase and entered her dorm. She put down her suit case and then followed their manager to GOT7’s dorm. Their Manager smiled, “Boys!! Come here!!” Jackson appeared out of the kitchen with a piece of toast hanging out of his mouth. BamBam appeared from the bathroom with no make up on. Yugyeom appeared from the other side of the couch smiling. Mark and Junior both appeared from one of the other rooms, while JaeBum and Youngjae appeared from their room. Manager smiled more, “So Jiyoon is moving into the dorm down the hall. You all are welcome to visit each other. Until JYP-pdnim can find others to put Jiyoon with she will be a background dancer for you guys. Please take care of her.” GOT7 smiled and nodded as their manager left the dorms.
JaeBum smiled at Jiyoon. “Well come on I’ll show you the living room. We were just getting ready to eat.” Jiyoon nodded and followed JaeBum to the living room. He then smiled at her, “Don’t be nervous about anything. We won’t let anything happen to you.” Jiyoon nodded again and smiled, “Thank you JB-oppa.” JB nodded.
JB smiled and then called everyone to the living room. Jiyoon looked around and took a deep breath before she introduced herself again, “Hello. I’m Kim Jiyoon, I am aspiring to be a rapper, I wish to become closer to a fellow rapper. My singing isn’t the greatest but I do dance well. Please take good care of me.” She then sat down trading places with JaeBum. JaeBum smiled, “Hi my name is Im JaeBum, but you can call me JB. I’m the leader of the group though I’m not the oldest. If you need anything just let me know.” JB and Junior then switched seats, “I’m Park Jinyoung, but call me Junior. JB and I used to be a duo called JJ Project, we are more than happy to help out.” Junior and Mark then switched seats, “I’m Yi En Tuan but my English name is Mark, I’m the oldest even though I don’t act like it. I’m from LA in America.” Mark and Jackson then traded spots. “I’m Wang Jia Er, but my English name is Jackson. I’m from Hong Kong and was on the national junior fencing team.” Jackson and Youngjae then switched seats, “I’m Choi Youngjae, I trained for seven months before debuting. And I like to play the piano.” Youngjae and BamBam then switched seats, “I’m Kunpimook Bhuwakul but everyone calls me BamBam. I’m part of the maknae line. I’m from Thailand.” BamBam and Yugyeom then traded seats, “I’m Kim Yugyeom. I’m the maknae and I really like to dance.” Jiyoon nodded and smiled, “It’s nice to meet you all.”
JaeBum stood and smiled, “Alright now what do we have for dinner because we need to eat.” The group looked around and shrugged, before Jiyoon spoke up, “I’m not really sure what you have, but I could always cook something..” The rest of the group nodded and smiled. Junior then went up to Jiyoon and grabbed her hand, “Come on Jiyoon, you and I will make the rest of the group dinner.”
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