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Hi hi! I'm posting a little early in the day but it was either now or way late tonight and I hadn't wanted to wait, I didn't want anyone to wait for it either lol. Now I'm going to warn that there is some foul language in this chapter, things get pretty heated up in here!. So if you missed the last chapter and the wrap up of Got7 interview you can check out @SarahVanDorn 's chapter right here.
Jenni waited inside with the guys as sarah and JB went out to get ice cream. They would meet at the park in about ten minutes. “So did you guys enjoy the show?” Jenni asked. “There was a lot of games” Bambam said. “Yea, we do end up with a lot of random games when we have longer shows. Its makes it more entertaining, plus I think sarah had wanted to do a couple just to cheer you up” jenni said. “Well the squeaker fight was I brought my panda family to cheer you up” she added with a shrug. “It did the trick” Bambam said. “Your so sweet.” She said patting his head. “We should get going” She added than. So they started their way to the park. They talked a little bit about the show before her phone started to ring. “Oh let me take this please” she said looking back. THey just stared at her. “OKay” She turned back around and answered the phone. “Hey-o” she said. “What are you doing right now?” Namjoon asked over the phone. “I just got done eating and going to meet the rest of the group. Me and sarah went out with the members of Got7 for food” She said as she continued to walk towards the park. “Yea, I heard the show” he said. “Most of it anyway” he added. “Really? What did you think?” she asked. “That there was a lot of flirting going on” he said, his voice deadpanned. He said that just as she bumped into someone. Sarah was several feet from her by now. “Oh Sorry, I didn’t see you” Jenni said looking at the person. At seeing who it was jenni got made. “You son of a bitch! What the hell are you doing here?” She glared at the guy. “Jen” Mike said her name. “I thought I told you never to come near her again! What the hell are you doing here?” Phone forgotten in her hand she started to yell at him. “Do you know him?” Jackson stood next to jenni looking at Mike. “Yea, long time ago he was with Sarah.” Jenni hissed. “So not a friend?” he asked. “No” Jenni stated. “That’s no way to treat an old acquaintance” Mike said. “WHat are you even doing here? You said you would never come to korea” Jenni questioned. “I came for Sarah” he stated. “If you come near Sarah at all I will sic Dominic on you! You remember the beating he gave you last time don’t you? Or do you need a refresher?” She threatened him. Mike finally took a step back from Jenni. “Tell Sarah I’ll see her around” He said before passing by everyone and leaving. Jenni stood there seething for a moment as Sarah and Jb joined them from across the park. “Jenni why is your phone talking?” Sarah asked coming over to her. It got her out of the daze she was in. “OH I was talking to Joonie” Jenni said brightly her attitude changing. She put the phone to her ear. “I’m sorry I got distracted again” she apologized. “Do you think I can call you back?” she asked. “No, I’ll come over tonight so we can talk” he said before he hung up. He sounded upset. “I’ll deal with that at a later date” Jenni said staring at the phone. “Did you see Mike?” she asked. “Yea, I heard you threaten him with Dominic” She said. “Thanks bestie” Sarah gave her a hug. “Welcome” Jenni laughed. “Okay okay it’s over, and if he comes near I really will sic Dominic on him” Jenni added. “Now you guys get ice cream?” she asked. “Right here” Jb said holding up a back. They all sat in the park eating ice cream. By the end they exchanged numbers and promised to keep in contact. Sarah and Jenni made their way back to the studio. She picked up her panda’s that Tae brought her and than returned that panda to boss man’s office, Sarah got the squeaker toys. After that they went home. About ten minutes of being home Sarah came bursting out of her room with her laptop. Sitting on the couch Jenni stared at her. “What?” She questioned. Instead of replying she turned on a video. It was a thirty second video playing the black parade intro by my chemical romance. “Oh my gosh oh my gosh. What is this!???” Jenni questioned. “It’s been ten years since the first ablum, They are doing something for it” Sarah said. “I’m going to research it” she said as there was a knock at the door. “You do that! You know after all these years I still love them, first group we have agreed on” Jenni said. “Answer the door you dumby” She laughed getting up and going to her room. “Okay okay. I wonder who it could be” Jenni said getting off the couch and heading towards the door. “Probably Dominic” Sarah said. Jenni opened the door, Dominic wasn’t there but Namjoon and Kookie were. “Oh Hi” jenni greeted them. They didn’t look happy. “Can we come in?” Namjoon asked. “Yea come on in” Jenni moved aside so that they could. “What are you two doing here? I thought you would be working?” “No, couldn’t stay focused” he said. “We need to talk.” “Is sarah in?” Kookie asked. “Yea she’s in her room, you can go suprise her yourself” Jenni nodded. Kookie went off and did so. There was a squeal when kookie opened her bedroom door and went in. “How was your day?” Jenni asked Namjoon. He was staring at her. It made her feel a little uncomfortable. “Are you upset about something?” she asked as several moments of silence hung in the air. “Yes I am upset” he finally said. “About what?” She crossed her arms over her chest as she stood there. “You were flirting on air with those guys” he said. Jenni scrunched her face up. “I was?” she was confused. “Yes, do you go around doing that with every guy who comes close to you?” his voice was a low rumble and it kind of scared her. “I don’t. In fact I highly doubt any of them even look at me that way” she stated. “If they have eyes they do” he told her. “Really?” she questioned. “I feel like that is a compliment” she said. He gave her a look, one that told her she wasn’t taking him serious. “I’m sorry wrong direction. Go on” she uncrossed her arms and let them hang at her sides. It took another moment for him to get back to talking. “I don’t want you talking to other guys like that” he said. “Like what?” she asked. “Like your inviting them to fuck you” he was angry. Her eyes widened. “What?” “You flirt and lead a man on, any man. Is that what you did to me? Am I a joke to you?’ he was starting to raise his voice. “I am honestly confused now” Jenni didn’t have any clue where this was coming from. “Are you just that clueless or are you pretending?” he questioned. “What could give you the impression that I would be pretending?” she asked. “I heard you on the phone when you were still talking to that guy. You were like a different person, one that was serious and knew what she was doing” he said. “I have many serious moments what one- not important I see. Wait you think I’m clueless?” she focused on that word. “Okay yea so sometimes I am clueless. I don’t know how people react around me and if I like talking to people a certain way, especially on the radio I do it! It’s what happens when I’m around people. Plus I don’t see any other guy but you, especially lately when you're all I am paying close attention to. What makes you think that I’m taking you as a joke? Hell what makes you think that I’m flirting with other people when everyone around us thinks I’m with you, including myself. I definitely know there is something between us even if we haven’t labeled it yet” Jenni was starting to understand a little bit. Her brain was slowly catching up the what he was saying. “So what now your having a serious moment where things make sense to you? You should know that you were fliritng with those guys, You were playing games to match you up with them and getting close to them You even went out to eat afterwards and didn’t even call me” he blew up at her. “It’s for a show! Gosh we were playing games having a good time. If you remember back we had even done that with you guys. We had several people even go into questioning which they liked. It’s entertainment Namjoon” she told him. “Yea well I don’t like it!” he shouted. “Than what do you like? Cause I don’t really know” she said. “I like you! We’re dating!” he shouted out. “Well that’s good to know” she shot back at him. There was silence between them and than all of a sudden he was pulling her to him and kissing her. Eyes opened she stared shocked by the turn of events, they slowly closed after the shock wore off and the sensation of him kissing her swamped her brain. “Was that considered a fight?” Jenni asked a little while later. Namjoon chuckled as he enveloped her with his arms. “Yes babe that was a fight” he verified. “You do realize how oblivious I am to most things around me right?” she told him. “I’m beginning to see how oblivious you are yes” he said. She snuggled into him. “Good, so if I do something just tell me what I did so I know, otherwise I will have no clue” she told him. He chuckled at that. “I’ll keep that in mind” he said. “Good” she nodded against his chest. “Okay so now have we made up too?” she asked. His chest rumbled with laughter. “Yes” he stated. “Good, cause I don’t like fighting” she finally pulled away from him. “Are you staying the night?” she asked him. “I want to” he started. “But you can’t?” she questioned. “No, I can’t” he said. “Well at least we got to see each other” Jenni said. He kissed her one last time before he went to go get Kookie. Several minutes later the two of them left leaving Sarah and Jenni alone in their apartment once more. “Did you two have a discussion?” Jenni asked as she sat on the couch now in her pajama’s. Sarah had changed after Kookie left into her’s. “Yes, although it wasn’ as bad as yours. We could hear you even with the door closed” Sarah said. “Yea, he got pretty mad at me” Jenni told her. “Well you made up pretty good too didn’t you” she hedged. Jenni couldn’t help the reaction of giggling and covering her face. “Yea we did” she agreed. “How was your discussion with Kookie?” she asked. “Not bad but he somehow found out about Mike. I think namjoon had told him, considering you were on the phone with him when you went all guard dog on him” sarah told her. “That’s me. Okay I’m going to get some sleep we have to get up for a show in the morning” Jenni said bounding up. “And find some info on mcr. I want to know what they are doing for a reunion” Jenni added. “I will I’m curious too” Sarah said. “Night!”
and yes this is the look namjoon have Jenni when he was like really? your not taking this serious. (had to include) So it's a short chapter but I wanted to let sarah have a go at her discussion with Kookie! As she was curious bout Jenni and namjoon I am curious about Sarah and Kookie! Oh and I want to thank everyone for their questions for Got7, they were helpful and so fun do put callers in, as someone said Cameo's lol (I hope we can do this again in future chapters) Sarah take it away!
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and at the very bottom I am adding this bout MCR. I can't believe what a tease 2 days reunion hinting at something then a day later on no reunion what you do to me pick one already and tell. I want concert!
Awe jealous Joonie is just too frickin cute! lol
If you find out info on mcr let me know please😌
Omg loved it even the fight actually glad there was one you hardly see those in a fanfic well what I've read so far and it was so natural it flowed I could practically hear the two yelling through the text
Omg I bout died when I saw the trailer for mcr I want to know about the info too. I can't believe its been 10 years
They argument and the "Namjoon chuckled as he enveloped her with his arms." And, "His chest rumbled with laughter." It's like I can hear that and it's comforting, I actually got the chills.
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