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So update on the Amber project I am doing!! Due to many requests I will open this project even further so even those who can not attend KCON LA 2016 may also participate! ✌ SO here's the guidelines: 1: You may send me a video of yourself or with friends either saying words to/about Amber as her fan and/or video of you jamming out/dancing to one of her solo songs (preferably Need To Feel Needed but it does not have to be that song). Just be yourself and jam out/dance. For words, you may speak in whatever language you want but please send an English translation with it. 2: Send the video to our YouTube channel's email - transcendedhearts13@gmail.com 3: Include the names of all in the video and where you are from such as your country and state. 4: VIDEO MUST BE ONLY 30 SECONDS; I know its short, but that's rule. A few seconds over is ok, dont worry. DEADLINE is July 29th!!! Thank you all and I hope many will participate both sending videos and at KCON LA 2016!!