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Sorry Seunghoon, you can't hide from this one... This week I have something really special for all of you!
YG artists have done some pretty incredible spoofs of popular dramas. One of my favorites is Big Bang's version of Secret Garden in which DaeSung does his iconic "Mmm, smell" that has inspired tons of gifs and memes. Well DaeSung isn't the only evil mother in YG's amazing parodies. I present to you.... Seunghoon Ahjumma!!
I'm dying!!! Him petting his chihuahua, Ilee, omg... he is seriously killing me!
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@LinnyOk @PrettieeEmm @resavalencia When I read your guys' comments I couldn't stop laughing!! cx Thank you all for trying to pull me to the sexy boys known as Winner Cx I'll be sure to check out those songs as well as your collection. I'll also be sucked even more into iKON as well it seems πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@resavalencia shouldn't be difficult here's what I 'ld do let her watch the MV of dumb and dumber
@LinnyOk @PrettieeEmm I'm working on bringing her over to the dark side with iKON as well... Mwahahahaha
haha, acing it, Seunghoon ! Taeyhun actually makes for a real frightened school girl, gwieyowo
@CrookedShadow as @LinnyOk said you should really check out their music I'm very fond if Tonight.. check out my winner and forever winner collection as well.. come join us we have lots of cute sexy dorks
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