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Who is it?

Saw this in my feed 3 days ago and took it because it's Seventeen (duh)~

My result:

You got SEVENTEEN's Vernon! You're both very chill and love nothing better than relaxing. You have a quirky sense of humour and also an interest in fashion. You would make cool couple!
He's one of my temporary bias wreckers since I haven't really sorted out my 17 bias list yet; it could change. :3

So who's your soulmate?

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I got Wonwoo! I love Wonwoo ^^
fate....I got my bias S.coups!
I got Hoshi. ^U^ I don't have a set bias.
I got my bias wrecker Hoshi! I'm sorry S.coups and Wonwoo (my biases) I guess we're not meant to be...
Yes! I got my bias DK ❤️😊👍🏻