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Dagashi Kashi is the most wtf am I watching anime I've ever watched in my life, manga is the same wtf am I reading manga, it's an comedy, ecchi, and it makes me say "wtf" every time I watch it.
We start off with a boy writing a manga when his dad comes in and criticizes his work, and then the father gets decked in the face XDXDXDXDXD later on, a girl comes into the shop looking for his dad but his father isn't there, so she starts acting like some sort of final boss when really, she just wants to eat. she is the character that makes me WTF so much, I laugh so much but I still wtf every time.
you guys/gals should give it a try, you'll love it, trust me, and a reminder to some, the pictures I use are not a part of the anime or manga, I use iFunny for my sorce of ecchi photos, this has been the ecchi mod and I hope you have a great day
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♡♡Hotaru and Saya♡♡ I love that show!