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Merry Christmas! Today is the day we are doing secret Santa.I already got Jay his gift!:) tried to make it not too obvious so it's really simple. But one question.How do I look?(2) Good right?Time to head down to the restaurant(3).
~Dinner~ "Wait.Who picked me?"I asked as everyone else was getting gifts. "I did."Simon said. "What did you get me?" "Right here."Simon said pulling out a bow and sticking it on Jay's head. Uh.Does he know? "Wow.You got me Jay.How did you know?" "Amerie told me." "Oh she did.Amerie can you come with me to the bathroom." "Umm sure." Amerie and I got up from the table walking towards the bathroom. "You told him I like Jay?" "Jay knows to." "What!?" "Shh.I walked in your room to get the twins and I saw him kiss your forehead so I thought you two were dating and it slipped." "Wait.He kissed my forehead."I said starting to blush. "Ok.Stop blushing since we need you to go back out there and be normal.We all eating at we don't need you and Jay be all touchy and stuff." "Shut up." "I'm kidding." We headed back to the table and I thanked Simon again and then it was my turn to give my gift.I picked up the bag handing it to Jay. "Oh snap.What did little Gia get me.?" He asked opening it."A blanket.(2)" "What you got everything." "I love it." "Good."I smiled. "Next for tonight is a scavenger hunt."Jays Mom said standing up holding the paper. "Keyshia and I made it last night so pick your partners and we will see at the ending point." "Is there a prize?"I asked. "Yes and only for 1st place." I partnered up with Jay since Simon and Gray partnered first.She handed everyone a paper and we were off. "Don't you wanna change first?"Jay asked. "Nope lets go." Jay grabbed his gift bag and we headed out looking at the first one. "The most popular sign on Las Vegas Blvd."Jay read. "The welcome to Las Vegas sign." "You so smart." "Thank you." We caught a taxi and headed to the sign and there were tons of people around.I got closer making sure I got a good pic(3) and headed back into the taxi. "What's next?" "When you want to get married you go here." "Can you take us to any close wedding chapel?"I asked the driver. "Yeah." While he too is to wedding chapel Jay sat there looking like there was something on his mind. "Whatcha thinkin about?" "I'm wondering what the prize is." Liar. "Same.I hope it's something good." "Here we are." Jay and I got out paying the driver and snapped a quick pic(4).I looked around and noticed he dropped us off at the end of the strip.Damn we walking. "I bet you hella people get drunk and then marry each other." "I would hate for that to happen."I said grabbing the list. "Oh this one should be close enough.We just need to hurry and get to treasure island for the show." "Think you can move fast in those heels." "Im good."
After walking almost 20 minutes we made it to treasure island only for the pirate show to almost be over.I need a quick pic and a chair. My feet are killing me. "I am hungry."Jay said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "We just ate." "Walking made me hungry.My treat." "Fine." Jay and I walked to the closet food place going inside and taking a seat.Oh my this feels too good.My feet are in heaven. "What can I get you two?"The waitress asked. "I'll have a hamburger."Jay said, "Can I just get a thing of fries?" "Sure thing." "Fries?" "Need something quick to eat so we can finish this and win." "We'll be fine.Relax." "If you say so." "I do.Now Imma enjoy my food."
We crossed off the MGM Jabbawockees,the Ferris wheel and the Eiffel Tower now we are almost at the fountain in front of our hotel.This whole list has us going back and forth.My feet are not working with me and it's freezing.I should've changed before rushing out.Least the fountain is just right across the street. "Jay can you carry me.My feet hurt." "Just take them off." "No.The floor might be gross hair carry me.Please.I said pouring out my bottom lip. "Fine." "Yay.Thank you." "Wait.Here put this around you.I know you cold." Jay wrapped his blanket around me and then I got onto his back.I made sure the blanket kind of wrapped around him.Gotta keep my future husband warm too. "Jay." "What's up?" "Can I ask you about he kiss at the party?" "Oh look I didn't mean-" "I liked it."I said. "Really.At the party you seemed." "I was shocked.Honestly.never mind." "No tell me."He said setting me down in front of the fountain. "I have been waiting for that kiss for years." "I've been wanting to kiss you since you were at my AOMG party when I first got it started."He said coming closer to me."Those lips are so kissable.You Abe to be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."He said as he put his hand on my cheek. I couldn't do anything except try to control my breathing and look down. I felt his breath inches my face.Is he? I looked up seein his lips come close to mine.Inclosed my eyes leaning in to only for the fountain to shoot up and break us apart. "Get the last picture."Jay said. "Ok ok." I took a quick pic and looked at the last place and we are taking a taxi. Before getting in Jay and I folded up his blanket putting it back the gift back and headed towards South Point Hotel. We arrived at the hotel and we rushed in. Are you kidding me!?
thing of fries? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm loving it! I can't to read what happens next. πŸ˜†
@MarrickeJ33 Im glad :) haha
@dayashley11 bahaha omg Simon is too much for life. oh yea here is your present *bow* lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was rollin hahah
@dayashley11 yay! πŸŽ‰
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