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Juvia : Juvia's family is so perfect!❤
Juvia : Are you ok, darling? Gray : To think that Storm was our baby 16 whole years ago... The Twins are growing so fast too... Man this is heartbreaking T_T
(Juvia has an idea xD) Juvia : We can just keep making babies if you want Gray... We can make one right now!❤ Gray : JUVIA!! THE KIDS ARE HERE!!! *Blushes* Storm : MOM! Please dont talk about that... *Blushes* The Twins : ? ? How are babies ma- Gray : YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW YET! *sweats*

The End xD

Art and Story done by Kkumri❤

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Rin and Sylvia tho
a year ago·Reply
wheres silver in this...cmon
a year ago·Reply
@jjbosy O.o he's ... you know
a year ago·Reply
mini Jellal alert
a year ago·Reply