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Hi everyone, it's me Veronica. So this game popped into my head that I came up with and it is can you guess my bias. I will do multiple versions for all the groups I love. first up is GoT7.

I invite you all to play and make your own Cards. You can use any group and it will be fun.

The first part of the game is you post a selfie in the way your bias is known for posing.

look down below.

the second part pick 5 characteristics or personality traits you and your bias share.

look down below

My bias and I....

♡ we both enjoy reading

♡ we will make people watch a Harry Potter marathon with us

♡We both like pizza, hamburger and meat. ♡We are both good at aeygo ♡ We like to be pranksters

Finally the third part Share 3 songs that feature your bias or 3 songs that you think would be on your bias playlist or a combo of the two.

First song is Follow Me-Got7 Second Song I believe you would find it on his playlist Let it Burn- Usher because he likes him as an artist third song Bounce-JJ Project
Have you guessed yet...I thought I made it easy. Hopefully you learned more about me and my bias.

Tomorrow I will post the results of my bias and why I made the song choices I did.

Look for Guess my bias...Winner edition

Guess my bias...BTS edition Guess my bias...Vixx edition Guess my bias...Big bang edition Guess my bias...Shinee edition and so many more... Play along and tag me in your cards


kpop list---sorry for any double tags

Junior....because Junior is only awesome guy that would make you make you have a Harry Potter marathon with him.
it's Jin Young cuz JR... that's why
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