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PiFan gets ready for its 17th year! PiFan is short for Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (that’s a mouthful). The film festival began in 1997 with an emphasis on Asian cinema and international horror, thriller, mystery and fantasy films (hence the Fantastic part of the event’s name). The festival has 9 different categories in its program called Puchon Choice, World Fantastic Cinema, Strange Homage, Vision Express, Forbidden Zone, Ani Fanta, Fantastic Short Films, Special Programs, and Open Cinema Parade. Puchon Choice is their competition category where films contend for awards. PiFan has emerged as one of the representative events in Bucheon City, South Korea. This year the festival will be held between July 18th and July 28th. The festival officials have decided on South Korean actor Lee Hyun Woo as their Honorary Ambassador for 2013. He was picked because of his young and one-of-a-kind image that fits with the festival’s spirit. They also admired his work in the film Secretly, Greatly. Lee Hyun Woo publicly stated that he feels excited to be the ambassador of this film festival because he has always had an interest in international films. There will be an official press conference scheduled on June 18th where the actor will begin actively promoting the event. READ MORE AT 24-7 KPOP: 24-7kpop.com/2013/06/16/pifan-film-festival-picks-lee-hyun-woo-as-honorary-ambassador/
ahhhhhhhhhh so cute
ahh cool! I'll check out that drama then :DD
nice! congrats to him, i also seen him in equator man ad the young boy of the lead actor, he's acting's nice and cool:))
I like his act in "To the Beautiful" drama.....
Ayshh heee is sooo cute <3<3<3!!!@beeonka To the Beautiful you !!! it wasss omomomo so damn funny !!!
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