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"She's gone," You said, a tear rolling down those rosy cheeks. I could feel your pain, the sadness that tore open your soul. "She's gone, and I didn't get to say goodbye." I fold my hands and look into your eyes that both carry the ocean and the color in them. They used to be so bright, but they looked like an ocean in the middle of a drought. "I know," I told you. "And I won't tell you 'I'm sorry', because I'm sure you've been sick of hearing those two words. Because, why should we be sorry? It's not our fault, we can't fix it. But I can be here for you, and tell you that it will be all right. If you focus on the good memories then you'll start to cry, but if you don't cry, then you can't heal. And more than anything in this world, I'm sure she would want you to cry. She would want you to remember her in the good and the bad. She wouldn't want you to hold your sadness in and fake happiness. No, she would want you to do what helped you heal. I promise that it will get better, but I can't promise you that you'll heal if you don't allow yourself to in the process. " ~KB