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UPDATED July 22: • ‪#‎Gun‬ // debut: July 28 • BTS Suga // solo debut: August • HyunA // August 1 • 9MUSES A // sub-unit // August 4 • MONSTA X // repackage album: August 7 • I.B.I // debut: August 18 Schedule updated every Monday & Friday ---------------------------- Don't forget to join our Group for other news: ---------------------------- Please do not crop out logo or alter/edit the artwork. Please credit if shared.
the hype is real with suga's mix tape
I started to be a fan of #Gun from starship no mercy * which is how MONSTA X was created* on the episode where they decided to choose the members #Gun said he will be back and 2 years later he is now having a debut I'm so happy for him😄😄
@EunwooTrash You are correct about the teaser! That's why we labeled the chart as comebacks, debuts and more. You weren't rude at all :) thanks for looking out and I hope you can still help us keep our chart accurate!
Infinite didn't have a comeback on the 8th. All they did was release a teaser and MV for their 'That Summer Concert' using their song 'Hey Hello' which wasn't even new, it was a hidden track on their Season 2 album. I'm pretty sure they postponed their comeback until fall as well. (also if this sounds rude I deeply apologies I didn't meant for it to be)
I love so many of these........BUT I SAW SHINEE AND I AM SUPER EXCITED