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Vivian - Seven Deadly Sins

Vivian was the apprentice of Merlin, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony, and she is just annoying! She was a mage and a Holy Knight who served under Hendrickson. She was cunning and had a major thing for Gilthunder, which I can't really blame her for, but she was really clingy and weird about it. She was just kind of childish and annoying, and a bit creepy.

Honorable Mentions

*eyeroll* this challenge... I'll just link you the related cards. Most of the features in this card I think were intended to be annoying, but I think there's only one that I really hate (bet you can guess who!); the rest are kinda more funny-annoying, for the most part, but some I still dislike. As usual I avoided characters I'd already discussed in these: Day 20: Anime character that gets on my nerves Day 41: Anime character I hate

Loki - Danmachi

Loki is the goddess of the familia to which Aiz Wallenstein, Bell's crush, belongs. She's got a little bit of a rivalry going with Hestia, Bell's goddess, and she's pretty annoying, not to mention pervy!

Sariel - Devil is a Part-Timer

This archangel was a total creeper! He randomly attacked Emi, his goal to extract her angelic power, though his identity was not revealed at the time. He later turns up as a manager at the SFC across from the MgRonald's where Maou works, though he always wore sunglasses to conceal where his eye had been struck by a paintball in the previously mentioned confrontation, heightening his creep factor, on top of his creepy flirtations.

Nui Harime - Kill La Kill

Nui mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and revealed that she was the culprit responsible for the death of Ryuko's father, sending her blood boiling into an uncontrollable rage. The Grand Coutier of the Revox Corporation, she had a bubbly personality and a sadistic nature, and she was actually born from an artificial Life Fiber womb created by Ragyo Kiriyuin, resulting in her regenerative abilities. I don't know, she just kind of annoyed me.

Danzo Shimura - Naruto

Yeah, this guy. I mentioned on Day 20 (linked above) that Sasuke gets on my nerves, but probably the most redeeming act I've seen him do as of late is killing this bastard! Danzo opposed the teachings of the Third Hokage in favor of more militaristic policies. He heads up the Root, a secret organization which recruits young shinobi and trains them to become perfect soldiers. He was one of the parties responsible for Itachi's annihilation of the Uchiha clan and practically usurped the title of Hokage while Tsunade recovered after the destruction of Konoha. This prick just ticked me off, and I still cringe whenever he is involved in flashbacks.

Renge Houshakuji - Ouran High School Host Club

Renge was a shut in who saw a photo of Kyoya and became immediately infatuated with him because he looked exactly like an NPC in a dating sim that she had been playing, so she flew over to Ouran, claiming that they were betrothed and baffling the entire club. She immediately began micromanaging the club and was crushed when she witnessed Kyoya's true nature as the true manager of the club. She's kind of comic relief, even though the anime is already a comedy, so her character was intended to be annoying.
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Elizabeth from black butler......just thinking of her got me all types of fucked up......im going to bed PEACE!✌🏼
@nimm14 I think I featured her in Day 20😂
I feel the same, I remember hoping that some of the would die, like donzo, so happy when he was gone, n the girl from kill LA kill, god I was ready for her to i the moment I saw her on screen, the angel from the devil is a part timer, oh another on I hate is Misa from death note.
@BlackDragon88 I'll be sure to let you know what I think when I get around to it!
@OtakuDemon10 lol, just wait until you do. It's a crazy ride.
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