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#1: John Egbert from Homestuck

All I need for this is shoes, a wig, and glasses. I'm not really planning him for a con, but for potential cosplay skit youtube videos.

#2: Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan

I am planning on wearing this to Dragon Con. I thought I was almost done with this, but I have to fix the straps. The straps were "one size fits all", but as a size 16, 5'6, DD I have to make the straps longer. Also after further inspection of the straps, the back piece was placed on upside down with the straps in the wrong slots of the back piece, this was all sewn down so we had to seam rip, fix it, and re-sew. I also can't find the boots in my size, 11.5.
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shoes are always soooo hard to find!! good luck!