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Lucky One-
Instagram Post: (Fan Picture of Mars and Luhan hugging)
-Did you guy see Luhan hugging Mars Unnie?
-Is Unnie dating Luhan now?
-What about her and Suho oppa?
-Unnie and Lay oppa looked amazing on stage. Maybe they're not dating, maybe they know each other.
-Did EXO know that Luhan and Kris we're going to be there?
-I really wished that Kris and Luhan joined EXO on stage.
(Fan Video of Wolf Performance)
-Did you guys see her performing outfit?
-She was wearing Luhans number Maybe Unnie and Suho oppa are really not dating.
-How does Unnie and Luhan know each other?
-How does EXO feel about having to see Luhan and Kris again?
-EXO did a really good job on stage. . . . .
Dispatch- EXO Mars seen sitting poolside with a mystery person. (Picture of Maria and Vic sitting side by side) this isn't the first time she was caught next to a guy that was not any EXO members.
-That looks like the guy on her Instagram pictures.
-Look she's cheating on Suho oppa again.
-That looks like the guy sitting next to Suho at the awards show. EXOLs Unnie is definitely cheating on Suho oppa, she needs to leave the group.
-You guys seriously need to stop spreading rumors, that's her brother, their all in her Instagram posts.
-^^ stalker much?
-Not as much as you! Do some research!
-Everyone should just leave her alone.
(Luhan's POV)
"Can you believe this? Date her? I barely met the girl" I said as I walked out of my hotel room with Kris
"Better believe it Luhan, I mean, look they obviously didn't know, but having her wear your number, alot of fans are upset that you did that when you recieved your award." He said, I nodded as we got into the elevator to the lobby, we were heading out to get some food before Kris left back to L.A.
We got to the lobby and waited for a car to come around, I noticed our old manager walking in from a van, I wonder what those guys are doing, after awhile we seen that girl and Jongdae walk out of the elevator with the manager, for some reason that girl looked really pretty from here. I nudged Kris and pointed.
"Wanna see where their heading?" He asked I smiled and nodded.
We followed until we got to a venue where the Rock concert are usually played at. "Pierce The Veil" the sign read,
​​​​​"Didn't think that they would go here." Kris said I shrugged as he drove off, I decided to look them up, four memeber band from San Diego, They seemed okay, but this one guy looks familiar,
​​​​​"Yifan, what did you say that girls name was?" I asked,
​​​​​"Uh, Maria." He said I nodded and looked her up and found her Instagram
​​​​​"Hey, get a load of this, she must know that band or is a huge fan, she's got pictures with them... wait..." I stopped and seen a picture of her with the same two guys on either side of her
"With the big bro and best friend, I'll miss you guys when I leave for Seoul"
I laughed, "Guess what" I said to Kris as we stopped at a resturant,
​​​​​"What?" He replied.
​​​​​"This girl is related to that band." I said showing him that same picture, and then showing him the band group picture.
"Shall we go have some fun?" I smiled He only smirk at me and nodded.
(Maria's POV)
"I knew wearing that jersey was going to bite me in the ass" I said to myself before finally threw my phone to the side, seriously these fans and the fans that are backing me up are driving me crazy.
I looked at the time in a few hours, we need to get ready and head out to the venue where my brothers are playing at. Sadly Lay and Xiumin didn't want to go. So it was just me and Chen which was fine. At least we can actually be a couple around them. I rushed around looking for clothes, I pulled out a PTV tank to show off my tattoo, my black jeans with the holes in the knees.
I decided to get ready early and went to take a shower, after I got out and got dressed, I started with my makeup pulled on my bracelets and threw my gauges in. I walked out pulling my maroon beanie on and sat next to Chen. He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, I was so excited for tonight.
We watched some show, on the T.V and talked, Xiumin and Lay were going to go out and eat and visit with Lay's grandparents.
It was 5:30 and we decided to head out, I grabbed the passes and hooked mine on my jeans as Chen threw his over his head, our manager followed us out,
"Yixing and Minseok didn't want to go?" He asked i nodded
"It's okay though." I said smiling. He smiled back. We got to the van in the parking lot started driving out from the hotel.
"Okay, so you guys be careful, I'll have a car waiting for you, unless they're driving back here to the hotel, I know you two are a couple, but just be careful and don't get caught." He explained as we pulled up behind the venue we both nodded and got out. We were both excited, the stage manager spotted us and walked up
"Passes." He said we showed him our passes and he nodded and let us through
"Where's Pierce The Veil's room?" I asked before he walked away he had us follow him inside and to a door. It had their name on it. I looked at Chen as he held my hand a little tight. I think he was nervous meeting my brother.
"Hey it's okay oppa. My brother is the nicest guy." I said to him he smiled
"I'm just, I've never done this before." He said I nodded and gave him a reassuring smile. I knocked on the door and walked in,
"MARIA" they all yelled at once Jaime walked up first and hugged me, he looked at Chen and seen that I was holding his hand,
"Hime this is Jongdae" I said smiling "Yeobo this is my older brother Jaime" I said to him He smiled and bowed
"hello, nice to finally meet you" Chen said Jamie smiled "Nice to meet you, my sis talks a lot about you." He said I glared at him and hit his arm.
"Really Hime?" I said laughing. Chen smiled, he tried talking to everyone
"Oh, hey didn't you need at photographer still?" I asked Vic. He looked at me and shook his head,
"No, but there is something you can do" He said smiling, me knowing what he wants i began shaking my head.
"No Vic" I said, smiling
"Come on Mars, it's just one song" He said I shook my head and laughed
"What does he want?" Chen I asked, I looked at him and smiled
"He wants me to sing a song with him on stage" I said to him, Chen smiled,
"You should do it Jagiya, I love your voice" He said encouraging me.
"Preciado is that you?" A voice said coming into the dressing room, I looked to see one of my bests friends come into the room
"Quinn!!" I said getting up and hugging him. Chen got up too and looked at me
"Yeobo this is my other friend Kellin Quinn, he sings in the other band that was just playing" I explained He smiled and bowed to him, as Kellin did the same
"Kells, this is Jongdae, my boyfriend." I said smiling and grabbing his hand.
"Hey man, heard alot about you." He said, I repeated what he said to Chen. He just nodded and smiled.
"Hey Mars, Vic showed me a video of your guys performance. You did well" He said I nodded
"Thanks Kells" I said smiling.
That famous line. I pulled Chen up
"Come on, their going to play next" I said smiling He smiled and held onto my hand. We went out side stage and watch on. I peeked at Chen a few times, he seemed to enjoy it. I figured as much.
A few song went by, Jaime fell but got back up I shook my head at him, Tony and Vic did their guitar toss, and Mike jammed out. It was just like back at home.. almost until the familar song started playing.
"Alright, we're going to slow it down a bit, I would also like to invite one of our closest friend and Jaime's little sister on stage" Vic said, I shook my head, as Chen pushed me a little, I laughed and just walked out on stage. The crowd cheered ans screamed, "Maria, would you mind helping me out?" He asked I nodded
"Of course!" I said into another mic that Jaime handed to me. I looked to Chen as he fisted at me and mouthed "Fighting" I hope he likes my singing. I looked back again and seen that he had his phone out, probably recording.
I swayed with the music, as Vic sang I jumped in here and there, knowing that I have done this with him countless of times. Then the part came up.
If I were you, I'd put that away. See, you're just wasted and thinkin' 'bout the past again.
Darlin' you'll be okay. And she said,
-Maria's Part- "If you were me, you'd do the same. 'Cause I can't take anymore. I'll draw the shades and close the door. Everything's not alright, and I would rather..."
The crowd went even crazy as I finished out the song, I heard some fans yell out "Mars" and others taking lots of pictures. I smiled and waved and bowed to the crowd as I walked off stage. I walked to Chen as he hugged me and kissed my head.
"That was really good Jagi" He said, showing me his phone. I looked at him
"Did you?" I asked he nodded
"I wanna show Minseok and Yixing when we get back" He said I nodded.
Soon as we know, They played their last song, Kellin jumped out to perform it with them. It was a good visit I'm happy that our manager let us come out tonight.
After the show, we had to leave, but we didn't want to, they only understood cause we have to get on an early flight back to Seoul the next day. I said goodbye to my brother for the last time, and to Tony, Vic and Mike. They all told me to be safe, and take care of myself. Of course Hime told me to call our mom to check in with her. I nodded and left with Chen. I looked to see out manager standing next to the van. I waved to my brothers for the last time, and got in the van.
"Good Night?" He asked I nodded,
"Very good night hyung" I said to him earning a chuckle from him.
-Week Later-
"What did you think you were doing!?" Suho yelled at me. I just sat in silence, and waited for him to finish his scolding, it's been a week since I see my brother, a couple day later a video surfaced of my singing on stage with them. Fans were upset that I was there, and not with EXO, some were mad about a tattoo that I had longer than being here with these boys. I just gave up on caring at this point. "Well? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He asked, I looked at him and shook my head.
​​​​​"The CEO and Manager Lee wants to see you Mar" Xiumin said coming into the practice room. I got up and left without saying anything to Suho.
"You wanted to see me sir?" I said walking in,
​​​​​"Ah, Maria-ssi please sit." I nodded and sat down. "Of course it's due to the video that surfaced last week" He said, I nodded.
​​​​​"I'm sorry sir, if I knew that it was against the company policy I would've told them." I said honestly, cause I didn't know.
"It is, but since you didn't know I think we'll be okay, just no more. and also if family is coming into area's that you happen to be at, we have to know where you are at, and not run off like you and Chen did that night. I also understand that you and Jongdae are still a couple? That needs to stop." He said I nodded in understandment
"Sir, with all due respect, we are not a couple, just friends. As of course my loyalty has to remain with Junmyeon" I replied, he nodded.
"How is that going?" He asked, I thought back we've been a "couple" for half a year now.
"It's going well sir" I smiled.
"That's good, well you can go now." He said I bowed and turned to leave "Oh, and by the way, I'm giving EXO a two week break, so try and suggest for you guys to go on a small vacation somewhere" He said I nodded and walked out.
I walked back down to the practice room, they guys were dancing to Growl, I smiled and joined in.
​​​​​"Hey what did they say noona?" Kai asked, I shrugged as our manager walked in,
​​​​​"Did you tell them?" He asked I shook my head.
"Tell us what?" Baekhyun said,
"Two week vacation" I said smiling.
"Really!" Chanyeol exclaimed. Me and the manager nodded our heads. Everyone got excited and started planning what they wanted to do. I on the other hand, had to figure out this whole mess. then my phone went off.
GalaxyWu: Hey I'm going to be in Seoul this weekend.
GalaxyWu: um, do you wanna maybe hang out?
GalaxyWu: I mean if you want to..
I looked at the text and wondered if it would be okay.. but I don't know what to do. I don't even think hanging out with Kris would be a good idea.
"MAR!" I was broken out of my thoughts by the boys, "I'm sorry what?" I looked at them.
​​​​​"I said lets go out and eat tonight." Kyungsoo repeated I nodded "Sounds good." I said smiling.
Our manager got a phonecall and left out of the room, some of the boys were practicing some dances, Kai, Lay and Sehun, they started doing some new dance moves I caught on and joined them. I laughed at Sehun and Kai as they ran into each other, I think this is cool watch, me I stood in front of Lay and held my arm back while he grbbed them and swung me forward and back up, the choreographer liked it.
​"That looks really cool guys" He said
​​​​​​​​​Lay walked over to change the song, Super Junior song "Sorry Sorry" started playing I smiled and started dancing, the boys laughed.
"Maria-ssi?" I looked to see our manager and the lead photographer standing in the doorway, I got up and walked to the door, the boys were watching, and seeing what was going on.
"I hear your taking a break from schedules am I correct?" He asked I nodded. "Oh good, you were my top photographer so I need some assistance this weekend for a photoshoot for an upcoming weekend. Will that be okay? or did you have plans?" I thought about it, I was going to go home San Diego and visit my mom, but I can't give up this photography gig.
"No, I don't have plans, um you know my number so let me know when and where to go sunbae" I said to him smiling.
"Well meet me here on Saturday at noon, and we'll leave to the location together." He replied and left with our manager. I smiled and jumped around the dance room,
"What was that about?" Xiumin asked, I smiled big.
"I get to do a photoshoot this weekend, ah~ it feels so long" I exclaimed being happy.
After awhile, we were told that we can leave, we got into our van and drove to the place we were going to have dinner at.​​
​When we got to the restruant we found out it was actually Chanyeol's parents, they took us up to one of the VIP rooms, as we all got there we all started ordering food and chatted, I couldn't stop thinking about Kris's text.
​"Jagi?" I looked up to see Chen,
​"Sorry what?" I said he smiled and laughed. "Seriously what?" I said smiling
​"Nothing, you looked to deep in thought." He replied I smiled I looked over and seen Suho staring at me and looked away. He hasn't said a word to me after his outburst earlier today. I shook my head a little, I was about to talk with Chanyeol when Lay's expression changed.
​"Gege what's up?" I asked everyone stopped and looked at him. He sighed and stood up, and looked at the manager as he nodded his head and left out of the room.
​"There's something I need to tell you guys..." He trailed off, leaving us kinda worried.
​"Well, go on.. I'm sure it isn't a big of deal." Baekhyun said.
​"It is actually." He said, taking a deep breath,
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I'm leaving the company."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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