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“Oh the princess is awake.” Chanyeol chimed in a bright voice, though annoyance was laced deep in it. I looked at Wonho who had a hand on my shoulder, obviously he shook me awake.
“Where am I?” I drawled out as I looked around the building which looked like a fancy office. Clearly this Hakyeon person liked to have his mafia living in comfort.
“Somewhere safe.” Wonho said.
“I wouldn’t say that yet, hyung. You never know if boss will even want her. I mean she could just have been one of his whores that he dumped and she ended up getting kidnapped.” Bam said. Chanyeol frowned and slapped him in the back of the head. “Hey! What was that for?!”
“Because you’re an idiot.” Chanyeol said, helping Wonho out of the van while Eunwoo did the same for me. “Eunwoo, come with me to see Jin. Let’s get these two fixed up. BamBam, you…I don’t know, go see if Jooheon, Jihoon, Jackson, or Minhyuk need help. Tell Key hyung that we’re back with Wonho too and to meet us in Jin’s office.” Chanyeol commanded. The blonde nodded and walked to the elevator at the far side of the reception.
“I see that he still hasn’t changed.” Wonho laughed as he limped alongside Chanyeol who seemed prepared to catch him in case he fell.
“You’ve only been gone a week hyung, he can’t change that fast.” Eunwoo chimed as he fixed his grip around my waist.
“Oh! Hyung! You’re back!” A voice yelled from the other side of the room. I looked up to see a tall man walking towards us.
“Oh hey, Bin. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at school?” Wonho asked.
“I heard that the hyungs were getting you today so I wanted to see you.” Bin said, smiling sweetly.
“Oh..well thanks Bin. You can go to school now.”
“School’s out by now, hyung.” Bin laughed. His face falling when he looked closer at Wonho. “Wow what happened to you, hyung? All they said was that you were working for the past week and they couldn’t get you until today. Why are you so beat up?”
“You know how hyung is. Always gets into fights.” Eunwoo chimed in.
“Yeah, Bin. I just got into a fight. I’m fine. Go home, I’ll talk with you then.” Wonho said, patting the younger’s head whose eyes looked at me before narrowing.
“Alright, hyung. Whatever you say.” Bin said before waving and walking away.
“Who was that?” I whispered to him.
“My younger brother. He doesn’t know quite exactly what my job is.” Wonho said, watching his brother walking away.
“And what exactly is your job?” I asked him.
“You don’t need to know that.” Chanyeol said. Wonho looked over at him before shrugging and kept walking.
Okay so Chanyeol is obviously a higher rank than Wonho is.
“How old are you, anyway?” Wonho asked, suddenly. I looked over at him and furrowed my eyebrows.
“I don’t know.”
“Do you remember anything?”
“Just waking up in that warehouse today.”
“Well when they brought you in last night it sounded you were already beaten up and unconscious.” Wonho said offhandedly, like it was a normal thing.
“Go in here.” Chanyeol said, pointing to the silver double doors in front of us.
“Oh did Jin hyung change stuff around?” Wonho asked.
“A lot has happened in this last week. Namjoon almost got caught too.”
“Really?” Wonho asked, surprised.
“We’ll debrief you later with Key hyung. And without listeners.” Chanyeol said, looking at me. Wonho nodded and took me from Eunwoo before walking into the room where a handsome blonde man in scrubs was sitting at a desk. He looked up and his jaw dropped.
“Whoa, Wonho you’re back? And who’s this?” He asked, standing up and walking over to us. He directed us to the chairs beside his desk.
“She doesn’t know. You know how that crew is. The fucked her head up.”
“I can tell. You mind if I look at her first?”
“Go for it. I’m not hurt very bad. A couple bruises and cuts maybe.” Wonho said, stretching his legs out and wincing. Jin walked around me and looked at me head. He pulled sections of my hair apart and jumped when I gasped.
“Sorry. It looks like they hit her head with a blunt object. She may have amnesia due to that. It doesn’t seem too serious though. Her memories should come back in the next couple days.” He walked around and looked at my face and wrists before walking to his desk and pulling a big first aid kit out of one of the drawers. He sewed some places, put bandages on others. My wrists were raw from the ropes rubbing against them but not too bad.
“Her leg is messed up too. Eunwoo was thinking it might be broken.” Wonho said, offhandedly. It’s like all the worry and care for me at Himchan’s disappeared as soon as we were safe.
“It doesn’t seem broken.” Jin said, kneeling down and picking up my foot, causing searing pain to shoot down it. “It’s dislocated.” Jin commented, standing up and grabbing a pen off his desk and motioning me to open my mouth. I furrowed my brows in confusion, but followed his instructions. He shoved the pen in sideways. “You’re going to want to bite down on that. Wonho, hold her.” Jin said, pushing my chair closer to Wonho’s. “Turn more onto your side please.” I followed his instruction, warily. “Now usually there’d be some kind of anesthesia we’d give you or we’d take you in for surgery, but as you see, I have nothing of that sort, so..” He pushed on leg and the pain got 100x worse. I bit down hard and grunted in pain as tears formed in my eyes and I gripped onto Wonho’s tattered shirt. Jin let out a grunt as he pushed my leg harder and there was an audible pop when my hip fell back into the socket. “There we go.” Jin said, standing up and taking the pen out of my mouth as I put a hand to my hip and breathed out slowly trying not to scream.
“Huh. Never seen that done before.” Wonho said, his voice wavering as he stared at me with wide eyes.
“Here.” Jin said. I opened my eyes to see Jin handing me pain pills and a glass of water. I took them and drank the water quickly. “Alright now you.” Jin sighed, moving onto the man next to me. “You seem alright. Just a sprained ankle. You know the drill with those.” Jin said as a black haired man busted into the room.
“Boss.” Wonho greeted as the tall man connected eyes with me.
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