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Welcome! I'm so glad I came this far! Here's a celebratory GIF of Zico stroking Kyung :D!
:D! *Smack that thing!*
:'D! I promise I'm not into weird things... maybe...
Day 21: Say something nice about all of the members. I got you boys, leggo~
Zico: Thug nasty when need be, and he always works it.
Ukwon: That jawline has a jawline.
P.O: 100% all natural sweetness.
B-Bomb (B-Boob): Nice nips.
Taeil: He's got a dangerously sexy smile. Which is also cute at the same time. An anamoly smile. An anamile. Taeanamile.
Jaehyo: He's always entertaining. Weird, but in a good way.
Kyung: With a sense of humor like no other, his goofy and odd ways are bound to make anyone laugh. Thanks for sticking around, see you tomorrow!
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I agree with everything here, especially about the nips.