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Merchandise - Nemu Neko
Hi everybody! I am a new member of Vingle and I am here to introduce you to my art and my merchandise stuff. This card presents my "Nemu Neko" projekt, which I have created for the shop: Rune. This collection consists of a button (Neko on a star), a postcard (Angel Neko), a Poster (Waterfall) and a Bag (no picture here ;-)). These items are my first creations with the computer. In general I am a Comic/Manga Illustrator and I am specialised on painting ACEO (Trading cards). If you are interested in buying my stuff please go to: http://www.rune-online.de/shop/category_99/Schattenranke.html?sessid=V2QnXRPOFw6JZt6YaGEy8oxh8tEwqKy0Mb33nC4rE2GDeHnKJnXIDTpq0cAhb1tu&shop_param=cid%3D%26 I am happy to get some feedback. Feel free to contact me on any matters. And sorry for my fair English, it has been a while since I last wrote something in this language. Kind regards Schattenranke ♥
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