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So, this is what we do when it comes to lanzones season:)
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@oj1992, when i was kid i used to eat the small!
4 years ago·Reply
what's lanzones?
4 years ago·Reply
@cri14335 what ! ok if it's small enough to swallow. That's why I am always joyous. when I get a fat juicy seedless one. : )
4 years ago·Reply
@GuzmanDiaz it's a kind of fruit wz a soft beigy skin which you can peel off easily. The fresh is white and soft. Sometimes the seeds are very small, sometimes big. About 4 Seeds in a single fruit. I agree wz @cri14335 the fruit can be quite addictive. Sonetimes sour then I wont like it : )
4 years ago·Reply
@oj1992, coz i was lazy then so i swallowed the small seed.hehe! seed is bitter. most of the big ones are sour and no sweet at to buy small still remember when you're hands and fingers are getting yellowish?lol!
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