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I sighed heavily, and text Simon's up coming schedule to the man in the suit. I step close enough, and rest my hand on his shoulder. "Protect him like he's our talent Demon. If anything happens to him, you will answer to me."
I said softly, as I felt the guy shoulder tense up. Everyone in Royal security already knew, I never make threats. I make promises. "Understood." He nodded his head, as I turn to them all. "Mianhae, but Jay and Simon know I can't ignore this type of summons."
I smiled warmly, as Jay and Simon nodded their heads. A female manager from Royal Corp came into the room, right as I was about to leave. "Miss Lee, your late for a schedule." Nari looked confused as she looked glared at the manager.
"It was added last minute by the CEO herself." Nari grin, and kissed Simon on the lips. "I'll talk to you later, bae." He smile at her and nodded his head. The three of us made it to the elevator, as Nari's manager made sure to stay in the middle of us.
"I lied, you don't have a schedule, you're being summon by the Chief of security just like Miss Ryan here." I bit my lip to hold back the smile that was created by her manager's words.
Nari glared over at me, and I just moved away from her, as her manager held her back. When the elevator door open, Ju Kyung (Duckie) was there with G2, witnessing the evil side of Nari.
She froze, in shock, that she was caught by someone from AOMG trying to harm me. I just ran out the elevator and jump into Ju Kyung's arms, and wrap my around his neck. "You truly are a handsome duck."
His arms were secure around my waist, as he smiled warmly at me. "Oh, why cause I finally caught Nari being the bitch I knew she was?" Nari's jaw dropped as her manager made sure the elevator doors didn't close.
I kissed Ju Kyung's cheek, which he return, but right on the spot where the make up cover a buries. G2 noticed it since his kiss wiped it away a bit. "Whoa, who hit you?" G2 pointed to my cheek, making everyone to look at my face.
Ju Kyung, used his sleeve to wipe away the make up, revealing a nice shining bruise on my lower jaw. "Oh I'm am going to kill you before the chief does, young lady!" Everyone, including myself, looked over at the manager, and saw Nari was scared of her.
"I raised you better than this young lady. I was going to wait til the Chief show me proof, but her face is proof enough. GET YOUR ASS IN THE CAR NOW!" It was my turn to be surprised, as she ran crying to the van. "I am so sorry about this Lavi Ryan."
She patted my back before getting to the van herself. "Wait how old is Nari anyway?" I asked, making Ju Kyung laugh softly. "She only 2 years older than us." I laughed so hard, my side hurt instantly. "Aigoo, alright, just don't tell the others. Let me do it."
Ju Kyung agree to my request, as I kissed his cheek, high five G2 and ran to get on my bike to follow the van. So far today was turning out to be a good day. When I pulled into Royal Corp underground parking lot, I was welcome by the security team.
They personally escorted me, from my parked motorcycle to my father's office. My father was never this up-tight with security before. I poked one of them when we were in the elevator. "He's just making sure nothing else happens."
The male guard said, as I hugged him arm. I looked up to see a smile on his face. "I swear Korea's security team is the best." I looked around to see more small smiles sneaking up on people's lips. "Well half of us were train very well by the best."
I stood up straight and smirked deviously. I calmly walked with them all into the office, but only two guards went in with me. Nari was sitting on the couch, pouting, as my father and Nari's manager were standing and talking.
I waved to the two standing, as I made eye contact with Nari. She sent daggers at me with her eyes, whilst crossing her arms and huffing. My father came over to me, and check my face. I winch even though he gently grazed the mark.
"I'm still impressed at the will power you have... Three years ago you would of beat a person to a bloody pulp." I smiled and bow to my father. "Cause I had an amazing teacher." I winked at my father, and caught his smirk.
"Nari's manager, whom also her umma, said she will be dealing out the punishment." My father sat at his chest and laced her fingers together on the desk. I bow to Mrs. Lee and smiled warmly. "Your daughter have an agreement on one thing, Mrs. Lee."
They all looked at me as I glared at Nari. "Lay your hands on me all you want, don't you dare harm anyone in AOMG or Royal Corp. The moment you do, I promise you no one will protect you from me." I looked up at Mrs. Lee and noticed her she get giving me a questionable look.
"You're off limits too young lady. I don't want any fighting between you too. If I find out this happens again, I'll make Nari inactive, and report you to your father Miss Ryan." I held up my hands in defense as Nari pouted.
"Lavi go back to work, we just needed you to witness." I nodded my head and turn around to leave. "NO HITTING ON MY BOYFRIEND LIKE YOU DID LAST NIGHT!" Nari shouted out to me, causing me to stop in the door way.
"Simon is my charge, there nothing between us for you to get your panties in a bunch. Man only see me as a kid sister, so shut the hell up about it already." I glance over my shoulder at her, while I spoke. My heart ached at my own words, since I knew it was the truth that was slowly killing me inside.
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