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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 2 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson & Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Y/N's POV The screams of your loved ones filled the house, you ran from room to room trying to follow the sounds. You screamed for your mother and your father, you could hear the sound of your brothers pained moaning coming from the living room. The house was on fire, you ran to your brother, the screams of your parents now gone. You looked down at him being fed on by him. You looked in horror as your brother cried for you to run but your legs wouldn't move. It was one of those terrible sights, the ones that are so horrible where you know you should look away but you can't, you're just stuck staring, watching this despicable scene play out. Tears ran down your face in shock but no sound came out as you watched your brother's twitching had finally stop. A giant gash ripped from his shoulder to his midback. He was crazy, the look in his eyes were crazy, he wasn't the same man you knew. He was just a monster now. He looked up at you with your brothers blood all over his face. "Changkyun." you breathed in shock. In a flash he was behind you, his hand stabbing through your stomach. You gasped in shock looking down at his hand popping out of you. His bone chilling hungry voice echoed in your ear, "Your blood is so divine." In a moment, he bit down on your neck hard and you cried out. "Changkyun stop it!" You didn't know what go into him or if your scream snapped him out of it but he pulled back from you. He looked at you realizing what he'd done. You were dying and he looked at you in complete shock. He was gone in a flash then the roof started to come down on you. You screamed... You lunged forward out of your bed panting and sweating. The same nightmare that came and went for what seemed like ages. How Changkyun completly betrayed you, stole your whole life from you. The very thought of him made your blood boil, "You should eat properly, other wise the boys will know." Jackson said. You turned to see him leaning against the window and looking out of it. He turned to you and threw a towel your way. "If they find out I'll just kill them." "I'd prefer Namjoon stay alive." Jackson said. "How the hell do you know him anyway?" You said wiping your sweat off. He walked over and laid on your bed, he turned over on his back and you looked down at him. "We met sometime in highschool." "You went to highschool?" you chuckled. "Only because I wanted to know what it was like but after a while I had to leave. We stayed in touch for a while but then I meant this really moody chick that was constantly putting her life in danger." he looked at you. You rolled your eyes, "Keep talking like that and I won't hunt for you again." "Why are you so mean?" he said turning over and playfully pouting. You smirked and turned to get off the bed. You felt a sting in your shoulder. You grabbed it wincing at the pain; the wound hadn't healed yet. You stood up slowly, "He drank that much from you?" Jackson asked. "He drank enough. Where is he?" "Sun's still out so we shut him in. The flights have been booked. I got us a dorm so it'll hold us all." "You're fucking kidding me, he's still seriously taking them?" You'd said upset looking back at him. "What do you expect, they're his friends." "We're going up against one of the most powerful Vampires known to man and he wants to bring them into the fight. He's an idiot, the moment Changkyun finds out about them he'll slaughter them all." "I know but they'd go anyway. They're Yoongi's support system." "They're all idiots." "I thought you didn't care whether they lived or died?" Jackson gave you a serious look. "I don't." You answered bluntly. You were getting dressed again and headed down the steps. The sunlight hurting your eyes so you covered them with your shades. You walked into the kitchen and Jackson followed closely behind you. The boys were talking amongst themselves tying to figure out what they needed to do. You ignored their presence taking a bottle out of the fridge and drinking it while they all stopped and stared at you. You stared back at them emotionless. "We told Yoongi we were going, we haven't changed our minds." Jimin said. "If you want to run a suicide mission be my guest. Your lives mean nothing to me." You said. "Oh really, then why do you have such a problem with us going?" Namjoon said. "I want my body count to consist of dead vampires not dead humans. Although, I suppose as long as I'm not the one to take your lives my record still stands. You'll just end up slowing me down anyway so here's the deal, you idiots listen to me and maybe you'll get out of this alive." You said crossing your arms. "You could be a little nicer about it." Taehyung mumbled. "Nice isn't in my nature kid." You said staring at him. "So what will we do when we get to Seoul?" Jungkook asked. "Vampires normally travel around at night but there are other vampires that posses special items that help them walk in the day time. Rings, earrings, necklaces anything with an enchantment to keep them from becoming ash. I'm thinking Changkyun's men will have these items which means I can't go barging in guns ablazing and hoping the sun will burn them to a crisp. I'll need to get information first. So I'll hang out at the bar, I'll scoop it out and see what I can find before I make my next move. I'd also like to speak to your little hunter friend if he hasn't gotten himself killed yet." "Mark is still alive." Namjoon said. "What Mark is a hunter too?" Jackson whined. You cocked an eyebrow towards him wondering how many people he knew that were hunters now. Namjoon looked at him like he was apologizing. You shook your head and told them to go get their things packed and be back in time for their flight later on that night. They didn't all want to leave at the same time, they were thinking that maybe you might just kill Yoongi yourself. Jackson assured them nothing would happen to him. They all regretfully left but you could sense that it wouldn't take them long to get their things together. You went and got your things together, Your hunting gear, silver knives and your bullets. Your guns you nicknamed the twins, Silver and Stone. You placed your sword in its bag that allowed you to carry it in the airport. You had your hunters license with you which would help you get past the security at the airport. Jackson made the arrangements for Yoongi's coffin. You spent the rest of your time in your room even when the boys came back, you simply stared out the window motionless. Sometimes you just couldn't be bothered with moving but the idea that you were so close to Changkyun that you could almost taste it made you quiet. You were planning just how to make him suffer, you wanted him to feel as much pain as you felt that day. You wanted him to hurt and you wanted to hear him scream while died. A vampire as old as him, when he met the sun, it would be an excruciating event. A knock came to your door and you said, "What do you want?" without even moving. Your eyes were still looked on the scenery outside the window. The sun was down by now. Yoongi walked into the room, "I don't recall saying come in." you said. "What are you?" he repeated his question from last night. "I'm a hunter." you responded plainly. "No, you know that's not what I mean. You said your blood has different effects on vampires. It's only your blood specifically, even now I feel more alive smelling you from where I'm standing. What kind of human are you?" "The cursed kind." You responded bluntly. "Changkyun is referred to as I.M he gets a huge attitude when you call him by his real name." Yoongi said. You chuckled, "That's because that name reminds him that he was once human. Bringing back those memories hurt, you think it hurts now wait till you're a hundred or a thousand. Watching everyone grow up and have families and then die. Vampires hate humans for one specific reason, they have the bliss of knowing one day whatever hell they're living in will one day end." "If they really hate it so much they should just end their lives." "So should you, if it hurts that much. You're going to charge into the lions den with me, I'm fully prepared to die if that means I get the bastard first but you have your so called friends with you, your brothers. If it's really too much to control your hunger, your rage, your strength then just go end it. You'd be doing them a huge favor." "Did he make you like this? Cold, as if your heart doesn't even exist." "You lost your girlfriend, I lost so much more. Not to say that one pain is greater than the other but between the two people in this room you're demons don't even compare to mine." You two sat in silence and then your watch went off. You stood up grabbing your bag with you and walking past him. "Time to make our flight." Yoongi didn't say a word after that. He walked with you downstairs, Namjoon asked Yoongi how he was Yoongi just nodded to him bit he didn't mutter a word. He had his eyes on you, some sort of sympathy in them but also searching for what was beneath. He was a new born vampire which meant Changkyun was close to you and you didn't even know it. That was slightly annoying but it wasn't his fault. You all made it to the airport, you had put Yoongi to sleep making sure he didn't get agitated on his ride there. It was a six hour flight which wasn't too bad. Airport security didn't give you a problem, your Hunter's license gave you access to take your weapons on board. You all arrived at the dorm and the boys went to sleep right away, Yoongi stayed up and watched TV. You put Jackson in charge of making sure he didn't do anything stupid. He was not happy with being a babysitter. You walked the streets of the city, you made your way to the bar and looked at the outside. Typical of a vampire bar owned by Changkyun. It was extravagant and huge, it had more than one story and you already knew why. Vampire men loved sex. It was a little dangerous to be seen in your normal look, so you wore a spring dress with flowers on it and made yourself look as innocent as possible. You made your way to the bar; you masked your scent by using vampire ash it was sprinkled in the pockets of your dress. You sat at the bar looking around ,a vampire came up to you, asking you if he could buy you a drink. He wasn't really going to do much for you so smiled and said, "I'm sorry I'm waiting for someone." "Maybe I can keep you company until he comes." he said. 'Persistent little shit isn't he?' you thought. You offered a sweet chuckle and said, "I don't think you should, he gets very jealous very easily." "Oh would he punish you?" he said flicking the bottom of your dress up. You didn't have anyway weapons on you because you didn't want to cause attention, you just meant to look around. "I really think you should stop." you said. "Why? You don't want me?" he said. "I think the lady asked you to leave her alone." Another Vampire came up and grabbed his arm. The Vampire hitting on you turned about to insult the man that grabbed him until he suddenly got startled. "Lord Wonho, my apologies I didn't know she was yours." he said frightened. He had a charming smirk that formed on his face once he saw his frightened look. His eyes glowing blue rather than yellow. That was unique you'd never seen blue eyes before. The icy color gave you chills, he was really attractive, he was drawing you in too. You got a grip on yourself as you looked away and heard this Wonho guy say, "You should know better than to pester women that don't want you whether they're mine or not. Now kindly remove yourself from my bar." "Yes sir." The pushy vampire left and you focused your attention back on the one in front of you. He smiled at you and walked up, his shirt had a V neck so deep you could see the line of his chest leading to his abs. He placed a hand behind his back and held out his other one before you giving you a bow. You placed your hand in his and he kissed the back of it and said, "I apologize for his behavior my lady." You smirked, "You're quite the gentlemen, that's rare to find these days. How can I repay you?" "Let's start with your name." "Y/N." you said. You bit your lip internally cursing, you gave him your real name! What the hell was that?! You never gave your real name when you were working. You couldn't let it show that you had fucked up royally but he was paying very close attention to your pulse. You could tell, he chuckled, "You seem a bit nervous, perhaps you know of my reputation?" "It's not really that, you're just-" "Yes?" You got a little flustered, did his eyes turning blue do something to you? "You're just really attractive." He smiled bigger then laughed. He leaned forward to whisper in your ear. Your hand still in his, he ran your hand down his bare chest as he said, "Do you wanna come back to my place?" "Yeah." What the hell were you speaking on your own or was he controlling you? Then it hit you, you hadn't eaten. Not what you needed to eat at least. If you could last long enough you could probably sneak into his kitchen and get something to eat. Once you two got outside he gripped the back of your neck and you two took off at high speeds. Stopping in front of his place seconds later, you inhaled. He held your neck to prevent you from getting hurt. He opened the door and walked in, you looked at it, darkness inside. He held out his hand and said, "Come in." Jackson was going to kill you later bit for now you grabbed his hand and he pulled you in. Good thing you didn't bring your weapons otherwise you would've been found out immediately. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips. You felt his hand go up your dress and then instantly he'd pulled it off with lightning speed. You breathed shocked by his hurry. He chuckled, "You're cute. I think I might keep you." Damn it he was already thinking about claiming you. Vampire men always loved sex but it seemed like their main goal in life was to claim someone. He was so beautiful, had you met him some other time you might not have minded being claimed but you didn't want to belong to anybody right now. You were so hungry though you were allowing your desires to over take you. He lifted you up and took you to the bedroom laying you down and then sitting up to remove his clothes which he did in a hurry. He lowered his mouth between your legs kissing your thighs then allowing his fangs to sink into you. You let out a moan in ecstasy as he sucked blood from your thigh. Shit! What would your blood do to him? His eyes got big as he lapped up the blood on your thigh. He let out an excited breath and then looked up at you. "What are you?" he marveled. He moved up to your face, "You're the most delicious thing I've ever tasted." he sounded surprised. You must've been out of your mind because he seemed to be completely fine. That was until your leg lifted up and grazed his erection making him moan in your ear. You couldn't figure out if you wanted to laugh or curse. Your blood made him horny, far more than he already had been. "I don't think I can wait bebe." he whispered. He pulled your underwear off quickly inserting himself inside you and moving at high speed, his thrusts both painful and exciting. You held onto him calling his name begging for more, admittedly it's been a while since you got laid. You used your sex appeal as a lure but you never let it go this far. You actually weren't trying to lure him, this just happened. "You smell amazing." he moaned roughly burying his head in the crook of your neck. "I'm close." You warned. So he sped up his thrusts inside you. Until you let out a loud cry of pleasure. He continued bucking his hips into you until he came down from his high. He sank his teeth into your neck. "Fuck." you whispered. He was claiming you. When he pulled back, he looked at you with lust still in his eyes. "When I saw you come into the bar, I thought I'd have fun with you but I never realized it would be like this. What are you Y/N? You can't be human, no human tastes the way you do yet you don't smell like anything else." he said staring into your eyes. You should've listened to Jackson, you knew your pupils were dilating. You sat up from his bed, you were weaker now that he'd drank from you. You didn't like this half of you. You looked up to see your eyes glowing purple in the full body mirror across his bed. "Do you have anything to drink?" you asked "Bebe I'm a Vampire all I have to drink is blood." he answered. "Where's the kitchen?" You slipped from the bed and he said, "Down the hall and to the left. Don't go anywhere Baby, I'm not finished with you yet." You couldn't really mutter a response after that as you forced your legs to move you to the kitchen. You opened the fridge seeing nothing but bottles of blood. You were thankful he had bottles and you popped one open and gulped it down. You were reaching for another bottle when Wonho came in, he looked at you strangely. "What are you? Humans don't drink blood." "I'm not human nor am I a Vampire, I'm stuck in the inbetween. I'm cursed." you said. Your hand to your stomach, your strength returning. Yes you were half living and half dead, cursed to be both sides not one or the other. You needed human food to keep your human side functioning but you needed blood to keep you alive as well. The night that Changkyun killed your family he'd inadvertently forced your body to almost evolve in a way. Your father was a vampire and your mother was human, it was the only way vampires could reproduce actual offspring. Your mother and father loved each other and when you and your brother were born you both were normal, to their relief. But the vampire gene was in both of you, it laid dormant until Changkyun killed your family. Your brother was killed much quicker but it was you that survived because Changkyun hadn't finished the job. Instead, in order to survive, your body released your dormant vampire abilities and you were able to escape. You weren't human but you weren't a vampire, you were something more. Something stronger. But after having to drink your brothers remaining blood and going on a high of your own from the effects of it, you did everything in your power not to drink from humans again. You did your best not to drink blood at all. Your blood was addictive to vampires because of its sweet scent but if you didn't feed properly you gave into temptations you never wanted to exist. Wonho looked down at you with a smirk, "I think I'm going to like you Y/N. By the way, I prefer you called me by my true name, Hoseok. " His flashy white grin made you think, you could use him to your advantage if you played your next move right.
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