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Alrighty now it's time for Jenni to take it if you missed @SweetDuella last update click here for pt27
Sarah was sitting on her bed with her computer open. She finally clicked on the description of the video. “Man!” She had gotten her hopes up and they were crushed. Her Bedroom door opened. “Jenni, they aren’t...” She turned her head to the door and stopped talking when she saw it wasn’t Jenni. She squealed and got off the bed and hugged Kookie. “Happy to see me?” he asked and hugged back “Of course!” “What were you looking at?” He asked looking at her computer. “Oh my favorite group that ended 3 years ago posted a video and so we thought they were getting back together, I was researching to find out more.” She grabbed the computer and shut it moving it off the bed and patting the bed so Kookie would sit down. “What did you find out?” he sat down on the bed. “Well they aren’t getting back together, it’s just been ten years since the release of their album The Black Parade and they were releasing the video clip for the anniversary.” “So there might be something?” “I doubt it since they actually said that themselves. I’m so sad, they mess with me like you guys mess with me.” She laughed and flopped on the bed laying her head on her pillow. “You flirt and lead a man on, any man. IS that what you did to me? Am I a joke to you?” Namjoon yelled and Sarah sat up and both Kookie and Sarah looked at the door. Sarah thought she probably added to the flame to why Namjoon was mad. “I am honestly confused now” Jenni said and Sarah could just imagine her face at this moment. They continued to get louder and Sarah turned to Kookie. “So….. I thought we were your favorite group.” He said with his cute puppy eyes on her. “Oh you are my 2nd.” “What!” “Well MCR was my first and then they broke up 3 years ago and then a year later Jenni and I moved here and you guys became my favorite.” Sarah added a wink after she finished talking. They sat there for a few seconds and could still hear the two in the living room. “Sarah.” Kookie said touching her hand and Sarah looked at him. “Hmm.” “We need to have a talk too.” “About what?” Sarah was hoping it wasn’t going to turn out like Namjoon and Jenni’s talk. “Your ex?” “Mike?” “Yea, Namjoon told me what he heard.” “What was that?” Sarah was confused on what Namjoon could have told Kookie. “I heard that Mike came to Korea to get you back.” “Trust me that jerk will never get me.” “Why do you say that?” “Several reasons, One he is the one I told you about before.” “Oh the one who wouldn’t let you have guy friends.” “Yea. I just hope he backs off. And the second reason is because I like someone right now.” She smiled he smiled as well. “If he doesn’t back off call me, I’ll take care of him.” Kookie was really being sweet about it. “No offense but, no.” “Why!” he was shocked that Sarah told him no. “Because you are an idol and you don’t need to risk getting hurt.” “Are you saying you think I would lose?” he asked with a head tilt. “No…No… I didn’t mean that…. What I meant was….if he did connect a punch who knows what would happen and I don’t want your handsome face getting messed up. Your fans would defiantly be pissed and worried.” “Sarah, I want you to lean on me anytime though.” He said rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand. “Ok.” Sarah said with a smile and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thanks for being such a sweet guy.” “Thanks for being you.” He said and then they sat there for a few seconds with it being silent. “Wait a second.” Sarah got up and walked to the door. It was too quiet out there. She cracked the door open a bit and peeked out to see those two making out. She quickly shut the door and turned to Kookie. “What?” “Looks like they made up already.” Sarah laughed “Are they making out?” “Yea…I’m a little jealous? “ Sarah said plopping on the bed next to Kookie. “Because they are making out?” “Well they are so sure that they both like each other and Namjoon got jealous over her being over friendly to got7.” “You want me to get jealous?” He asked and Sarah all of a sudden got shy. Her stomach was doing flips. “Only if you like me how Namjoon likes Jenni.” She couldn’t look at him her face was getting hot. Kookie placed his hand on her face and had her look at him. “I can say I don’t like you how Namjoon likes Jenni.” Ouch she started to feel like crying in an instant and tried to back away from him and she ended up getting hit in the eye with something in the process and she shut her eye. “I can’t be like how he is, we aren’t the same person.” He continued and made sure Sarah stayed where she was while he got closer to her face to check on her eye. “Ok, then don’t get jealous.” Sarah tried to close her eye again and look down. “I trust you Sarah, and so far you haven’t given me any reason to get jealous.” She looked at him. “What do you mean?” he used his thumb to rub at her eye to make it feel a little better. “I mean in my eyes you were being a Nice Noona to the hyungs, you were taking care of them after a hard thing happened to them. The only thing I was worried about was your ex mike, I didn’t want him to take you away from me.” He stopped messing with her eye and just stared at her. Sarah was staring as well, she licked her lips and bit her bottom lip and saw him glance down. Her stomach started to do the flips again and he moved closer. Sarah looked at his lips as he moved closer. His lips were so closer to hers she could just move just a bit forward and they would be full on kissing. He smiled and was about to move forward when the door flew open and they quickly separated. “Kookie let’s get going.” Namjoon said with a smile on his face. He looked between the two. “What were you two doing?” he asked while raising one eyebrow with a smirk on his face. “Just talking.” Sarah quickly answered. “Yea we didn’t need to yell to get the other to understand us.” Kookie said with a laugh “Whatever lets go.” Namjoon said and walked out of the room. “Bye Sarah, I’ll see you tomorrow after your morning show.” “You wanna get coffee after it?” “Yea, I’ll be waiting for you at the door ok?” “Ok, Bye Kookie” Sarah gave him a hug before he left, she was going to talk to Jenni then head to bed. She had an important date after the morning show and she was not going to be tired for it.
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Dang it NamJoon! He's even good at destroying the moment! Oh well, I still love him. 💖
Damn it namjoon as much as I love you god damn it they were SOOO close to kissing agh why
Wow great timing Joonie...Not!!😜lol Kookie my man child...he's all grown up now *sigh*
Well, I guess it will happen, eventually. In the mean time, Sarah is just going to get frustrated...hehehe....and will probably end up kissing him first.