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Chapter 9 Who: BTS x Reader Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff Warning: Mild Language If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/ - Chapter 1 -- Chapter 2 --- Chapter 3 ---- Chapter 4 ----- Chapter 5 ------ Chapter 6 ------- Chapter 7 -------- Chapter 8 Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Taehyung POV The lunch bell rang waking Taehyung from his slumber. ‘Shit,’ he thought as he sleepily rubbed his eyes, ‘I slept through the first half of class.’ He looked up to see [Y/N] and Namjoon leaving the class together laughing. Feeling jealousy rise up inside him he roughly rubbed his face to try and wake up. ‘Don’t think about her. She has turned you into a mess. You need to focus Taehyung. You have a game this weekend.’ Taehyung got up and stretched and headed toward the cafe. He got there earlier than yesterday, so the line was shorter and there were more options for food. He found a sandwich he wanted and passed by the sweets cooler. He glanced at a box of creme puffs and was reminded of yesterday. He smiled brightly to himself and walked up to the cashier to pay for his sandwich. Leaving the cafe he headed toward the soccer field to meet some of his teammates. One of the members noticed him and started waving at Taehyung with both arms. Taehyung jogged to reach them on the soccer field. Taehyung sat down next to a dark haired boy and started opening the package to his sandwich. “Where were you yesterday? You didn’t eat with us,” the dark haired boy asked. “Well Kookie, here’s the thing,” Taehyung started until he was interrupted by his phone buzzing. He pulled his phone out and saw it was a text from Jimin. From: Jimin Message: Hey won’t be eating with you guys today. “Who is it,” Jungkook asked. “Oh, it was just Jimin. He won’t be joining us for lunch,” Taehyung said taking a bite of his sandwich and putting away his phone. “He traded us for other friends?” “He just doesn’t want to see your face.” Jungkook looked dramatically offended at Taehyung’s comment and Taehyung started laughing. Jungkook started laughing with him and the two started goofing off and wrestling. “Hey, can you two not flirt with me sitting in front of you,” another boy asked. “You’re just jealous horse boy,” Taehyung said. The boy got up on his knees and was pretending he was going to hit Taehyung. “Is that any way to talk to your hyung,” he asked, but before he could finish he start laughing hysterically. All the boys started laughing at each other. “What are you eating Hoseok hyung,” Taehyung asked after catching his breath from laughing. “Just rice and vegetables. Something my mom made last night. Which by the way didn’t we agree as a team to start going by our nicknames? They are going onto our jerseys.” “Yeah but that was just for the soccer field. So I guess you guys are going to start calling me V?” “Yeah that's right, just for the field. But yes you are V. Why? Because you are the path to victory for our team,” Jungkook chimed in. “Victory rests in our forward!” Hoseok yelled and stood up doing a silly dance while yelling causing more laughter among the boys. “Hey hey! That’s a lot of pressure. We have hope in you too Hoseok hyung. Remember your name is J-Hope,” Taehyung said laughing at his dancing. Hoseok stopped dancing and pointed at the two boys. “True but remember with the 3 of us, no team can beat us! We have me, J-hope, the hope of the team. You V, our road to victory, and Jungkook, our little Kookie, our golden little teammate. He’s perfect at everything. It's really annoying actually. Stop being so good. You make me look bad.” The boys started laughing at Hoseok’s monologue and Jungkook lightly kicked him in the shin causing him to sit back down. “But no seriously, are you guys ready for this weekend. I feel like it is going to be a hard game,” Hoseok said as he took a large bite of his food. “Yeah, and coach is killing us too. Practice is getting pretty brutal,” Jungkook said laying back on the grass. “I second that,” Taehyung said, “I actually slept through the first half of the day.” “What really?” Hoseok asked surprised. “That’s not like you. You didn’t go any harder than you usually do in practice.” “Yeah I know,” Taehyung said joining Jungkook by laying back in the grass. “I couldn’t stay asleep last night. No matter what I did I couldn’t stay asleep for long.” “Sounds like woman problems,” Jungkook said with a chuckle. Taehyung responded with a heavy sigh and put his arm over his eyes blocking the bright sun. “Whoa seriously,” Jungkook asked, “I was just kidding with you but are you seriously having woman issues?” Taehyung didn’t say anything. Hoseok started laughing and said, “Hey the only woman issue he has is having too many at once.” Jungkook joined Hoseok in laughter and the two started teasing Taehyung. Both of the boys raised the pitch of their voices to sounds more womanly saying, “Kim Taehyung come eat with meeeee~.” Then proceeded to be as cute and girly as possible. Taehyung stood up abruptly and started walking off. “You guys are stupid,” Taehyung called back to them. Taehyung could hear the boys call to him through their laughter but he kept walking. ‘I know this isn’t like me guys. But I have to figure out a way to tame her in my head,’ Taehyung thought as he ruffled his hair crazily walking back to the school gaining stares from those he passed.
[Y/N] POV The bell rang for lunch and you couldn’t have been happier. You had a headache from how much you were trying to focus in class. You needed some fresh air. You went to pick up the bag with all the food but Namjoon grabbed it from you. “I’ll get that for you. It looks heavy,” Namjoon said as he tossed it onto his shoulder. “Ah I can get it Namjoon, you don’t need to,” you said feeling nervous. “Nonsense. You are feeding me lunch today. It’s the least I can do.” “Well thank you Namjoon. Let’s go meet Nana.” You started to walk around Namjoon but slipped on something and started to fall. Namjoon caught you by the arm and help you stable yourself. You started laughing at your own clumsiness and Namjoon nervously chuckled with you. “Are you okay? Did I trip you?” he asked. You brought your hand up to cover your mouth as you laughed. “No no no,” you said through laughter, “I just slipped. Thank you again Namjoon.” Namjoon let go of your arm slowly and smiled at you, looking you in the eyes sweetly. “I’m going to start thinking you are clumsier than I am,” He said with a small and quiet laugh. You met his gaze and returned his smile. You could feel your face turn red and you looked toward the floor in embarrassment. “I-I think that is nearly impossible,” you said quietly. Namjoon laughed and tilted his head to the side in agreement. He put his arm out to the side as if to motion you before him. “Let’s go meet Nana, and not try to fall this time,” He said laughing. You started laughing with him as the two of you walked out of the class. When you and Namjoon arrived at the garden you saw both Nana and Jimin sitting and laughing. Jimin was the first to notice you. He smiled and waved at you which made you run to them. Namjoon walked quickly behind you not far behind. “Jimin, this is Namjoon a friend of ours,” You motioning your hand toward Namjoon as he walked up next to you. He smiled brightly at both Nana and Jimin and said, “Hey! It’s nice to meet you. Hope you don’t mind I eat lunch with you guys.” Nana looked at you with a look that said, “Why is Namjoon here and not Taehyung.” You ignored her and sat on the grass across from Nana and next to Jimin. Namjoon sat the bag of food in the center of the circle and sat next to you and Nana. “Whoa, what is all of this,” Jimin asked peeking inside the bag. “I packed a little too much food for lunch so we can all enjoy it,” You said as you started to pull out the containers. All of the containers were opened and laid out in the center of your circle. Everyone looked in awe at the large variety of foods that were available to eat. Nana grabbed her chopsticks and said, “Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hungry!” Everyone else grabbed their own chopsticks and started eating. You watched as both Namjoon and Jimin paused after their first bite. This made you feel very nervous because you had never let a boy other than your father eat your cooking. “Oh my god,” Jimin said and then closed his eyes. “[Y/N] your cooking is amazing. Wow,” Namjoon said as he started shoveling more food into his mouth at a fast rate. “Hey! Don’t eat it all,” Nana yelled slapping Namjoon’s wrist with her chopsticks. You started laughing at the commotion and thanked them. Everyone continued eating and they boys would make small comments at your cooking every once in awhile and you would thank them each time. Everyone finished eating and you looked over at Namjoon who looked at peace. He was leaned back on his arms with his head fallen back. “That. Was a good lunch,” Namjoon said as he took in a deep breath and then looked at you smiling ear to ear. He mouthed the words “thank you” to you again and you blushed. You covered your mouth and let out a small cough, looking away from Namjoon. “So how has class been so far,” You asked Nana and Jimin. “Nothing too exciting,” Jimin said. “Yeah, though I am excited for gym next period,” Nana chimed in. “We have gym next period?” You asked everyone. “Yeah, did you forget? Class 1-B and 1-D all have gym together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Did you bring your gym uniform,” Namjoon asked in concern. You nodded saying you did but you were suddenly questioning if you actually had. “That’s good. It would be bad if you didn’t,” Namjoon said leaning forward and stretching. The warning bell ending lunch rang and all four of you jumped up. Everyone helped put the containers back into the bag and Namjoon picked it up for you again to carry back. All of you started laughing and running toward the school building. “See you in gym guys,” Nana yelled before turning to run to her class with Jimin. You waved in their direction and both you and Namjoon slowed from your run to a fast walk. “Thanks again for the food, it was really delicious,” Namjoon said smiling at you again. “Thanks for eating it. I didn’t want to explain to my mom why I brought home leftovers,” you said with a small laugh. You reached the classroom and Namjoon let you enter first.
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