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hiya ! i'm back with more lockscreens !! sorry these took longer then expected because i'm finishing up school right now. thanks for waiting patiently and i hope everyone likes theirs ! EDIT : so some people couldn't see the lockscreens so i think i fixed it. let me know if there are further issues.
so on the 17th it was my bb jeon wonwoo's birthday :D he's so amazing and talented so i hope he rests a ton and eats a bunch of yummy things. whether he's mr. beanie or wonwoo the sloth or bookworm he's loved very much :-)
for : @TiffanyBibian image(s) : dean, do kyungsoo (exo), eric nam
for : @karinamiranda81 image(s) : song joong ki (actor), jung daehyun (b.a.p.)
for : @Brawner13 image : dean
for : @AmberRelynn image(s) : 4minute (group), vixx lr (sub-group)
for : @Isolate image(s) : lee dongmin (astro), moonbin (astro)
for : @GamerKyumin images : kyuhyun (suju), yong junhyung (beast), kim rae won & park shin hye (actors)
okay well thanks for liking, clipping and requesting ! let me know if you want to be taken off or added to the tag list ! before requesting, check out my rules here. if you want to see all the lockscreens i've made, check them out in my collection.
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thanks!!! can I get a Madtown one in the new style?
@EunwooTrash @xMangaLover @karinamiranda81 hey just a quick notoce about the lockscreens. i might be able to get those done by saturday because of me not having service or wifi. i'm really sorry but i would be very grateful if you guys were patient with me and waited until then. thank you !!
take all the time you need!!:)
@sleepingyoongi alrighty! and it's okay!
@sleepingyoongi Take all the time you need! No rush! I've been in the same position with not have service or WiFi before, so its completely understandable.