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Taehyung (v) & Somi (you)
I wasn't dreaming. I know I wasn't. He was here and now he's gone, just like a ghost.
I saved you. You saved me.

[HIS P.O.V.]

"Stay with me. Hey! Stay with me, help's on it's way." The voice, so sweet, started to fade.
"Breathe. Come on, breath!" Lips so soft on mine.
I was in pain, but her voice distracted me. Her eyes so big, wide and full of life. Her soft lips tight with worry. Her hair so beautiful, falling around her face, tickling my cheek. It smelled like lavender.
"Hey? No, no, no, open your eyes. Open your eyes! Help's almost here!" (She doesn't even know me, yet she is crying for me, how strange.)
I was cold until she came. As she held me, I started to feel warm and calm. A peaceful feeling filled my body and I no longer felt pain. I just felt sleepy. I let my eyes flutter shut and let my mind drift into darkness.
I took my last breath.

4 months later


I heard my heart beat in my ears. I heard people screaming. I here a screeching sound. All of it sounded like they were distance away. I felt nothing and saw black. I felt something wet dripping down my face and my hands. It was warm. I blinked a couple times and slowly I started to see color. First blurry grey then red. My vision cleared and so did my mind. I was in so much agony. I wanted to scream and cry. I saw broken shards of glass everywhere. I could barely move without pain taking over. Speaking was even harder. I wanted to call for help and ask what happen. I smelled gasoline and someone yelled fire.
(Dear God, if you exist, please save me. I don't want to die yet!! Someone, Anyone! Save me. SAVE ME!)
I heard people saying run, get away from the cars. I turned my head as much as I could to look out the window. Blurry shadowy figures ran away or limped away, even crawl away. I wish I could run, limp, or crawl away too. I was losing to much blood, my vision became cloudy again and my head started spinning. The last thing I saw was a shadow figure running towards me and saw arms reach out to me. I also heard a voice, but I couldn't make out the words for I let the pain and shock take over. Darkness and silence was all I saw and heard.

A month later…

"Help me. Please help me" The voice got louder. "Hello! I'm right here!" (Please go away…go away…)
"You!" (Crap, why'd I look.) "You can see me!? You seem me, don't you!?" (No, no, go away I see nothing I hear nothing.)
"I know you see me! Help me!" "My body, my body is right over there!" I looked following were she pointed, in the river under the bridge.
"Please, they need to know. My family needs to know I'm dead." I sighed. Great why did I have to come out here…(Shoulda stayed home). I called the cops and told them I had found a body under the Hangang bridge.
"Thank you, thank you…now I can relax…thank you." The voice of the dead teenage girl faded and I left. I stayed and waited for the cops.
I gave them a report and led them to the body of the girl. I told them I was out jogging and was taking a break when I spotted the body. It was believable. I decide to go home after that, I didn't want to encounter another body.
About a month ago, I was in a severe multiple car accident. Three people died and five were injured including me. A car had side swiped me and the car in front, causing us to collide. The people driving behind us, didn't have a chance to break and brace themselves. That day was the worst day of my life. I was stuck in a car, in pain, bleeding out and one of the cars caught fire. Everyone who could escape did, I unfortunately was stuck in my car, still trying to regain full consciousness. I would have died in the explosion if it wasn't for a man who pulled my unconscious body out of my car and away from the rest.
I didn't remember much of the incident nor what the man looked like. I had woken up in the hospital, freaking out the doctors. They told me that I had died, they had pronounced me dead, yet here I was alive and breathing. They ran a lot of test on me to make sure my brain still function and every other organ. I was 100% good to them, but I knew something was wrong with me when I they told me I could go home.
I had finally felt the room I was in and saw a lot more people then I thought would be at the hospital. It was so loud and crowed. I continued walking, heading toward the counter to sign some papers, so I could be released, when a man who had blood coming out of his eyes walked right through me. I almost freaked out and throw up right then and there, of course I didn't cause I thought maybe the car accident traumatized me or something. But, as I was leaving I took a better look at the people in the hospital and started to notice things. Some people looked more lively and others deathly, some looked gruesome.
Heads turned and all their dead looking eyes landed on me. When they realized I could see them, they all ran up to me screaming, crying, yelling. It was too much and I ended up running out of the hospital. As I ran home I encountered even more of them. I locked myself inside and didn't come out for days. They even showed up at my house. Sometimes I could see them, other times just hear them, but I always felt their emotions; confusion, anger, sadness, and pain. I felt their deaths, I dreamt their memories.
I saw the dead.
I think the reason for having this ability was, because maybe when I died and came back to life something changed inside me, my brain. I want answers I knew I would never get. After weeks of seeing the dead and trying to differentiate them from the living, I got, somewhat, use to the ability of seeing them. Honestly, I was still struggling and it was the reason for me becoming antisocial. I rarely talked to anyone. If they could hear my thoughts then they were ghosts, if they looked mangled then they were dead. Ghost literally drained my energy. I had nightmares every night since the accident.
I had one friend I made through all this mess, Hyeri. She was similar to me, you could say. She said she was clairvoyant. I met her on a rain day. I ran into a cafe to escape the rain and she owned the place. Hyeri knew about my accident and I wasn't shock cause it was all over the news, but what did shock me, was the fact that she knew I saw things. She told me all that I was seeing and going to see in the future. Up to this day, she has been right. Hyeri was the one who told I was going to find a dead body today. She said I was going to end up at a bridge.
I didn't know I had until I stopped and looked around. I just wanted some fresh air and to stretch my legs, being locked up is unhealthy. My stomach rumbled and I changed my course, instead of heading home I went to the cafe to eat and see Hyeri. Her cafe was spacious and had a second floor with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. She live on top of her cafe, named Luna.
"SoMi! I just saw the news." Hyeri said over the counter as I walked in. " I told you so."
I glared at her and sat down in my usual corner near the window. She laughed at me and gave me my usual; sandwiches, bowl of fruits, and coffee with milk. Yup that was all. Customers started coming in so she had to get to work. I slowly nibbled on my food while looking out the window and seeing the living run around, short on time. The dead were never in a rush for time was no longer a restraint for them. I was completely lost in my own world that I hadn't notice when someone came up and sat down in the chair in front of me. I slowly turned and jumped in my seat. The boy laughed. He had dark brown hair, a strong jaw, but soft features. He looked like a big kid as he smiled at me. He was handsome in a cute way. I just stared at him and his smile got bigger.
"Uh…" Was all that came out of my mouth. I was trying to figure out if he was human or a ghost. (He's way to handsome to not be alive.)
"Hi, I'm Taehyung." He said making a peace sign. "What's your name?" I just kept staring until Hyeri came up to the table.
"OH! Taehyung, you're here!" (Ok, he's alive.) "Why didn't you tell me?" Hyeri said as she sat in my lap. (Ugh!)
"Haha, I just got here. It's been a while, huh?" He said, smiling at her and laughing at me squirm under Hyeri.
"Um…er…H-Hyeri…y-you're h-heavy…can't breathe…" I tried to voice out. I was ignored.
"Ah, it has been a while." She said leaning back. (You little…) "You're looking good! Are you staying in town for good or just a visiting?"
"I moving back, so for good." He said as he looked at me. (I know you see you punk, I know I'm not invisible. Meanie Hyeri, I'll get my revenge.) "Right now I'm staying with some friends, until I can find a place."
"OH! I can help with that!" Hyeri squealed, slightly bouncing, causing me pain.
"Uh, Hyeri noona, I think you're killing her?" Taehyung pointed at me. (If only he know…)
"OH!" Hyeri got up and turned to look at me. "Sorry SoMi, you're just too comfortable and I forgot you were sitting there." She patted my head, grinning. I growled at her. (So you only notice Taehyung, huh.)
"So your name is SoMi?" Taehyung asked leaning forward.
"Yes, this is Kim SoMi, my little alien." Hyeri answered for me. She nicked named me little alien. I don't know what I did for her to call me that. She was about to say something else when I jumped up interrupting her.
"Well, it was nice knowing you…er…Taehyung…Hyeri, I'll call you later. " I said heading toward my exit.
"Where are you going?" Taehyung asked curiously with sad eyes.
"I have some errands I need to do." I waved goodbye and ran out of there.


I hadn't seen one of my friends in a while, so I decide to drop by her cafe and visit, check in on her and let her know I was here. Luna Cafe hadn't change a bit. I walked in and saw that she was busy serving customers. I looked around to see if I could find a table and that's when I saw a girl huddled in a corner by the window, lost in thought. Her hair draped around her, covering her face. She was wearing all black, black jeans, black wool turtle neck sweater, even black combat boots, the only thing with color was her red scarf.
She seemed familiar, there was something about her that I couldn't quite place my finger on. She didn't even notice when I walked up to her and sat down. I watched as she looked out the window, watch the people outside. She occasionally sighed, and I noticed how thick and long her lashes were, how big her eyes were, so full of life. At some point she came back to reality and turned finally noticing me, she jumped in her seat, eyes growing wider. I couldn't help but laugh at how cute she seemed. She didn't say anything, just observed me.
"Hi, I'm Taehyung." I introduced myself trying to break the ice. "What's your name?" she did respond. (So your shy…cute.)
"OH! Taehyung, you're here!" My friend, Hyeri, came up to the table. "Why didn't you tell me?" She sat on the girl. I felt slightly bed and wondered how they knew each other. (Maybe a regular?)
"Haha, I just got here. It's been a while, huh?"I said, smiling at her. I caught the girl wiggling under Hyeri, it was funny.
"Um…er…H-Hyeri…y-you're h-heavy…can't breathe…" The girl struggled to speak under the weight of Hyeri, who paid no mind to her, though I was sure she heard her.
"Ah, it has been a while." Hyeri leaned back putting more weight. (She must love picking on her.) "You're looking good! Are you staying in town for good or just a visiting?"
"I moving back, so for good." I said as I looked at the girl who just glared at me and Hyeri. (Those eyes…) "Right now I'm staying with some friends, until I can find a place."
"OH! I can help with that!" Hyeri squealed, slightly bouncing. (Oh…I sorry, Hyeri is like that…)
"Uh, Hyeri noona, I think you're killing her?" I felt guilty, I couldn't stand seeing her struggle like that anymore, even though it was cute and funny.
"OH!" Hyeri got up and turned to look at her. "Sorry SoMi, you're just too comfortable and I forgot you were sitting there." She patted her head, grinning, obviously not really sorry.
"So your name is SoMi?" I asked leaning forward, trying to get closer. Her name was pretty (Beautifully bright.)
"Yes, this is Kim SoMi, my little alien." Hyeri answered. (Haha alien…She must really love that word.I thought she only called me alien.) She was about to say something else when SoMi jumped up out of her seat, interrupting her.
"Well, it was nice knowing you…er…Taehyung…Hyeri, I'll call you later. " She said as she headed toward the door.
"Where are you going?" I asked, a little bummed that she was leaving. i wanted to get to know her more.
"I have some errands I need to do." SoMi waved goodbye and ran out. I watched the door close behind her. (SoMi…)
"So about find you a place to live…) Hyeri gave me a mischievous smile. (What she planning?) "I have the perfect place for you, if you don't mind there being one more person share the place…"
"I don't mind, but who's this other person?" I asked, she leaned in.
"You will see once you move in…You two will get along just fine." She said, giving nothing away. "Soooo… yes, no?" I thought about it.
"Ok, yes." I responded. She jumped up and down with excitement.
"GREAT!!" She grabbed my hands. "You can move in tomorrow, right up stairs!" she pointed up.
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