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Namjoon (Rap Monster) & You (Dahlia) A dark Dahlia flower means betrayal. Who is going to betray who?
In this world there are horrible dark creatures that destroy everything beautiful and take what they want. Humans are monsters and monsters are human. Hate and love are a deadly combination. Blood fills this night and silent screams for help died inside someone's head. The monsters were out to play tonight and one must be careful, for anyone can be a monster, but who is the monster at this moment?

Me or you?


The night was pretty quiet for a Friday night. Not many people were out, but again most were already inside clubs dancing to ear busting music with 100s of bodies pressed against each other, getting high off each other and the sound, drowning themselves in alcohol. Not knowing or caring for what dark things happen at night. I could no longer be in a place like that so I left, heading home. One of my friends had invited me out to hang with her at her favorite club. I said yes cause it had been a while since we last hung out and I had nothing better to do, but I regretted it the moment we walked inside the club. I hate crowded areas and that place had no space to even breathe. My phone vibrated in my hands, I almost dropped it. My best friend Kylie was calling me. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey Dahlia, I know it's late, but I figured you might be up. I didn't wake you right?" She asked. "No, you didn't wake me. I was just with Lacey at the club. What's up?" I responded. "Oh! I was just wondering if you wanted to meet me somewhere and if maybe…I could like, sleep…over?" She said hesitantly. "Is everything okay?" I asked. Her voice sounded a little shaky. "Everything's fine…" She lied. "It's your aunt, huh…did she kick you out again?" I asked, obviously knowing the answer. "…Yeah…" She whispered. Kylie aunt was an abusive drug attic, even sober she had a temper. I hated the woman, I've met her a few times. "Okay, where are you at? " I asked. I waited for her response and felt something or someone behind me. I looked, nothing but a quiet dark street. Up ahead of me were a few drunk girls and boys flirting. "I'm at the park." She replied. [Our park, the park where we always go to let out steam.] "Hmm… I'm a little to far from there… how about we meet at the Barbecue restaurant we always go too?"I asked glance behind me once more and pulled my dark red cardigan tight around my body to keep out the chill this fall had. I was wearing my favorite faded, skinny jeans, a nice black blouse and dark red heels that matched my cardigan. "OK! I'll see you there! Bye" Kylie's voice was more happier. "See ya soon. Bye" I hung up and pocketed my phone. As I was getting closers to the group of drunk girls and boys, I literally felt a presence behind me, I heard breathing. Anyone's reaction would be to stop and look back, but I fought it and kept walking. So close, I was so close to the group when a hand covered my mouth and pulled me off the main street and into an alley. I squirmed and saw a man. He was grinning and his breathing came fast. "What a sweet thing you are…mmm…I got lucky…" His raspy voice filled my ears giving me the chills. I screamed into his hand trying to get away. "Shhhh shh sh … Now, now." "Be a good girl." His free hand started to wander around my body and get close to my pants. The fear and anger lit up inside me. I was about to get rape and maybe murdered. I bit his hand and elbowed him in his ribs. His grip loosen and I took that as a chance to run, but he tackled me to the ground. I kicked and thrashed around, but the man was strong.I tried screaming, but the fear was choking me. The anger stopped my voice. He started choking me. I gasped for air like a fish out of water. I pushed him in the nose, making him stagger off of me. His nose stared to bleed and i had pissed him off. "Ha…look at what you've done…" He said wiping his nose and smiling. "Tsk, tsk…what a feisty little thing you are…hehe" I started sweating. I kept my eyes on him as I slowly started to back up. He didn't move. "Run." He whispered. "Run, hehe" That laugh, I hated it. I turned and ran out of the ally. The group of drunks were no longer there. I was all alone with a monster. I ran as fast as I could in heels without falling. I hated heels, I hated parties, I hate nights. I couldn't think, all I could do was run, run toward the restaurant I was going to meet Kylie at. It was still far way, but I took a short cut, into the woods. It was risky since it goes down hill. He followed me, I could hear his laugh. I could feel him close behind. I tried to be careful and quick running through trees and down. I wanted to hide, I wanted to cry. He caught up to me fast and grabbed the collar of my cardigan. I slipped out of it and ended up leaning forward to much. I slammed into the ground and started rolling. Every impacted knocked out the air out of my lungs. I stopped rolling and laid there. It hurt to move, it hurt to breath. I heard leaves and twigs snapping as he slid down hill. I rolled over so I was facing up. He loomed over me, shadows covering his face, but not his lust full eyes. I knew this was it. There was nothing I could do. I looked up at the starry night sky, the moon was bright. His laugh was all I heard as I closed my eyes and waited. Oh, how I wish it was an actual monster that would only kill me, compared to what this man was about to do. I always thought the true monsters were humans. Pain and darkness.
Well… this is it for chapter 1 of 'who's the monster". I hope you like it, give me your thoughts on it. What do you think is going to happen next? I got chills writing this story. No joke. I started to feel scared. In the next chapter, it may get confusing were it picks up, just giving you a heads up. But, don't worry it'll get explain later on. lol Now I'm off to work on other stories. ~L

Until next time!

~ Alpha out!

P.S. sorry for any misspells! >_< Forgive me!

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@KpopGaby I wasn't trying to be negative about it or anything I'm sorry if it seemed like it, but trust me I know the feeling and she can take as much time as she needs, there's no rush.
@Juliag13 I thought it was just me or I was missing something, it kind of threw me off a little😅
@KpopGaby oh good I was a little worried, thanks for informing us though😊
yeah me too. i need clarification
Love It!!!!! So Thrilling and you don't know what's going to happen next
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