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Because I have been sucked into Pokemon Go I completely for got to make a day 2 card.
However this is will be easy.
I can't say there is a cosplayer that inspires me but I am inspired by all cosplay. I enjoying seeing people cosplay and creating the characters they want. It makes me really happy to see everyone at a con or expo cosplayed and looking great!
-As for current projects! I am working on Shun from Shinsekai Yori
A fantastic manga and anime if you haven't read/seen it you totally need to. like... now... go. Stop reading this card and go. lol. If you can't tell it is a favorite of mine.
-I'm also making the main character of P5 for a friend of mine
-And Kaori from Your Lie In April. My all time favorite manga and anime. Ever. Nothing will ever beat it in my heart.
I have a few others going on but these are the main 3 :)
If you wanted to be tagged in any future cosplaying related cards please let me know. I'll make a tag list for it ;D
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eeeek kaori!!! should be cute :)