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Mine I have a favorite from all Generation of pokemon.
Pokemon Generation one Gengar. I love how free spirit he is and everything. Also I love having him on my team too.
Generation two. Now this is very hard because I love a lot from this generation.but unfortunately Umbreon. which is my all time favorite from here other then crobat, espreon, and many more but this pokemon beats them all. I don't know why.
Generation number 3 is the water type know as Milotic. great in beauty contest and great agaisnt ground, rock, fire, and if you pokemon knows ice bream great agaisnt flying, grass, and Dragon too.But it's a pain to find it's frist form Feebas and even more of a pain to evolved it. But let me tell you it is worth the trouble
Generation 4 is Rhyperior. if you are looking for good defense and you don't have a snorlax or want something stronger then a snorlax then this pokemon is for you. if you max him/ her out he will be better then a act I don't even use my snorlax anymore since I got him. I have a level 100 and he is max out to the max. he is both ground and rock type so water and grass is super effective on him but of he is out max like mine. then even those well have a hard time with him. plus you get a one hit k.o move too. if you get annoyed with those pokemon. but I'll put a quick claw on him for he can go first. so he is my one of my tops from here other then darkrai, glaceon and yanmega.
Generation 5 is that little water type Oshawott. I love how cute this pokemon is. even though I like snivey to oshawott won because he/she is too damn cute for their own good. like come look at him ❤❤❤❤. but he is not the only one.
Generation 6 is no other then Honedge. something about this pokemon stuck out the most for me in this generation.
Ok this was a long list. good thing I did not put my favorite legendary too or we will be here even longer. So I'll put it in the next card. Any ways these are my favorite pokemon from each generation and onces they make pokemon sun and moon I'll add that generation as well. But for right not now this is good. Stay around for the legendary pokemon favorite list too. I'll but that up later. It's time for sleep (maybe). also I'll like to hear your guys favorite too. Also these picture I found are not mine.
I really like water types in general, i can't think of one I don't like right now. But Umbreon is really cool too...
@MissHitachiin I love charmander he's so cute
Mine is Magikarp
Charmander/Charizard but not Charmelon... He's a bitch
@ShinigamiSan what's up?
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