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ive been watchin alot of one piece latly and been enjoying it sooo much.. he is my absolute fav and will always live on in my heart let me know what you guys think :)
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DANG that's good!!!!!!
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@aimebolanos thank you very much! :) and i didnt know there was a fan art community tho i guess that would make scence xD
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Awesome NAKAMA!! Ace is always alive and burning inside!!
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haha xD @luffynewman but the buring inside is sabos job nowww :p
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@whatamooy the burning OUTSIDE, is Sabo's job, he will never take the imprint Ace had on the both of them to instill that burning passion to be free on their hearts!! But yes I Agree Sabo now has become someone who will instill the flames in others hearts too!!
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