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안녕하세요 친구!

Welcome lovely Melodies to another POV Insiders with none other than Peniel Bae BTOB Mod Supporter: 이솔다! Yay!! This card will wrap up his Chicago Trip Vlog 2 and 3. *FYI: a quick recap of what he did: Eat, Record, Sleep, Eat, Repeat. Seriously lol* Let's start.
Chicago 2: Day 4-6.5 17 February 2016 *Warning: a lot of food action so if you haven't eaten, I suggest eat and watch or suffer* Day 4: Our lovely Peniel had breakfast with his family at Egglectic which one of his cousins invited him. Later he went on to record music tracks with his cousin & brother-in-law. (The song is good if you haven't heard it) He gave us a quick preview [starts at 3:26-3:43] Later went on to grab a bite at Portillos (looks like a super cool place). Day 5: More recording and eating. Day 6: FOODCASM all over lol
Chicago 3: Day 6.5-7 21 February 2016 *Seriously more food* It's just cute to watch him Day 6.5: Fun stuff....on his trip at Wholefoods he told us 4 chips that he lived by during his high school years. 1)Toasted Veggie Wheat Thins 2)Baked Ruffles (Sour Cream and Cheddar) 3)Baked Flaming Hot Cheetos 4)Stacy's Pita Chips Do you have any favourite chips/flavor? Mines are Plantain Chips, Pita Chips and definitely for guilty pleasure: Flaming Hot Cheetos, Funyuns, & Andy's Hot Fries. yummy Day 7: More food and sadly the end of his family/Chicago visit. Left back to Korea. \ㅠ~ㅠ/
I haven't eaten yet, so I'll watch video later. 😁
When it comes to Peniel, there is always food. Always.