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And happy Slouchy Saturday!
Here is the next chapter for you guys! I hope you enjoy it! XD
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Chapter 2 - 'What's your name?'

Yugyeom's P.O.V
"Are you guys excited about moving today?" Jaebum asked.
"Hell yeah!" Jackson answered.
"I am just excited to meet our new neighbors!" Bambam said.
"We each get our own rooms..." Mark started.
"And some more time to ourselves." Youngjae finished.
"I will just be happy that fans won't know where we live...at least for awhile." Junior stated.
"Ah come on, aren't you going to miss all the gifts and fan mail?" Bambam asked.
"Kind of. I do love my fans but I was running out of room for everything they were giving me." Junior answered. The other 5 nodded in response.
"Are you excited Yugyeom?" Mark turned to ask me. I nodded, too into my game to give them an answer.
Before they could hit me for not showing enough enthusiasm, we arrived at our new place.
"We are here!" Jaebum yelled out.
The rest of us slowly climbed out of the moving truck and after making sure we could get inside, we started to move stuff in.
"I call this room!" Jackson ran into one of the biggest rooms and claimed it as his.
"I call this one!" Bambam followed, picking the second of the biggest rooms.
I was too late to realize what has happening and all of the sudden there were no rooms left.
"Where is the other room?" I asked Jaebum.
"The last one is upstairs in the attic."
"Sorry maknae, looks like you were too slow," Mark teased, making the others laugh.
I rolled my eyes and after grabbing my things, I went to this shabby little door at the end of the hall and went up the stairs behind it.
As I arrived to the attic, I noticed that it had a great view and there was plenty of room up here, enough space for me to practice and live comfortably.
Thank heavens. I thought I got the short end of the stick for a second.
I noticed the small, saggy bed in the corner of the room and I went and laid down on it, slowly sinking in as my weight carried it down.
"Well this could definitely be changed." I was staring up at the ceiling and after awhile I found myself to be sleepy. My eyes slowly started to close until someone came up to scare me.
"Boo!" Junior screamed, making me jump.
"Aish, what was that for!" I yelled.
"We still need help moving in some of the other things, so come on you lazy bum. You can sleep later." He quickly slapped my leg and left back from where he came.
I sighed, as I got up and followed to find Jackson arguing with Mark.
"Yah! Why are you wearing my shirt?" Jackson accused Mark.
"Because it's comfy. You are the one talking, you aren't even wearing a shirt."
"Because the shirt I was wearing earlier is the one you have on now! Give it back!"
Jackson started to chase after Mark as he wanted the t-shirt back, almost making Jaebum fall down the stairs when running into him.
"Watch were you too bafoons are going!"
"Sorry," They apologized. Mark continued to run away from Jackson as he still chased him, trying to take his shirt off.
"Yugyeom." Youngjae called to me. "Can you help me move this couch inside?"
"Sure." I responded, following him down the stairs. We went to the truck and I grabbed one end and Youngjae the other.
"Okay, one...two...three!" I lifted it up at the same time as him and surprisingly it wasn't that heavy. I directed Youngjae when he was about to run into something as I could see what he couldn't but we made it inside successfully and placed the couch in the living room.
I was about to go back to the truck when we all heard a scream from upstairs.
We ran and saw that Bambam was the one who had screamed. We were confused at his panicked face when he pointed at his mirror.
Being the brave one of the bunch, I went to check it out and saw that something was written on his mirror.
"Welcome home! We are going to have a lot of fun~"
"Okay, is someone pranking me? Because if so, this isn't funny!" Bambam said.
"I didn't do it." Junior stated.
"Me either." Mark agreed.
I stared at the words and noticed that the writing was made out of lipstick, the color similar to the one Jackson has kept from his shows when he dressed up as a girl.
"Jackson," I started. "Where is your lipstick?" He looked at me confused.
"It was in my room before. Let me go get it." He disappeared and after a few minutes he came back, empty-handed.
"This is weird. It was here before and now its gone...Why did you need it?"
"Look at the writing. It was used with your lipstick." I pointed, bringing the other members over to look at the mysterious message.
"Okay, this is creeping me out..." Bambam said.
"Is there like...a ghost here or something?" Mark asked. We all looked at each other, panicked.
"Ah come on guys. It's nothing." Jaebum reassured. "I'm sure it was just one of us writing on the mirror and not fessing up."
"I don't know, Jaebum. This is really strange." Junior stated.
I went back to stare at the message when I saw something that made the blood drain from my face. A girl walking by the door.
"Yah!" I screamed, stopping the other's conversations.
"What? What is it?" Youngjae asked.
"I-I saw something! A-A girl!" I described. "She was all pale and white..."
"Okay, that's it. I'm out!" Jackson said, walking out of the room.
"Stop pulling our leg, Yugyeom!" Bambam said, hitting my shoulder.
"Yeah, don't make this worse. Let's just continue unpacking alright?" Jaebum suggested.
I sighed, sad that none of them believed me.
Knowing full well that I had seen that girl, I went to stare at the mirror once more to see nothing.
Maybe, I really was hallucinating.
"Maknae! Get down here and help your hyungs!" Mark screamed. I ran downstairs and assisted them as we continued to unpack, a little more nervous about living here than before.
"Done!" Jaebum said, making us all collapse after bringing the last piece of furniture in.
"I am so exhausted." Youngjae stated, laying down on the couch.
"Same. But I am also hungry..." Jackson said. "Can we order some food? Like chicken?!"
"I second that!" Mark agreed.
"I want some!" Bambam yelled.
"Okay. Let me call the manager for a phone number and see if I can get us some."Jaebum started to pull out his phone and walked away to dial the manager.
"I am going to be in my room if your guys need me." I said, getting up from the ground and headed up.
"We will call you when the food gets here!" Junior said.
As I climbed up the steps, I froze at what I saw.
The same girl from before, was walking down the hallway, up to my room.
Cautious and nervous, I followed after her and went upstairs, trying my hardest to be quiet.
I peeked up the stairs to see her sitting on my bed, petting a...cat?
I went up slowly, step-by-step, trying not to scare her away when I heard her talking and stopped again.
"Can you believe we got so lucky Minnie?" She asked, the cat meowing in response.
"I hope they like the message I left for them! That guy's lipstick came in handy. But why did he even have it in first place..." As she pondered, I continued up the stairs to see if I could get closer.
"I wonder what I am suppose to do now. I need to do this ridiculous regret but I have no clue on how to go about it." Almost there...just a few more steps...
"I know!" She suddenly yelled, making me almost fall over and grip the railing.
"I will just have to make him fall for me! I mean it is going to be difficult but not impossible right?" She talked to the cat.
'Make him fall for me'?
I slowly walked up the steps to get closer to her when the floor suddenly creaked making me stop.
She turned around to see me and had a tranquil face. She went back to what she was doing.
"He can't see me, Minnie. I didn't make myself visible to him right now. But I should probably move for him so he doesn't lay down on me." She slowly got up from the bed and stared at me, motioning me to sit down.
I quickly followed, very confused.
"See? He would have definitely sat on me. Aigoo..." She sighed, walking towards my window.
I continued to stare at her back as she looked out the window, not knowing what to do.
I decided to get closer to her when I heard her crying.
"Why did this have to happen to me. Why can't I be with my parents? I miss them so much already Minnie. God, this sucks." She whimpered.
Sad at her words, I approached her and moved to touch her shoulder. As I placed it on top, my hand suddenly went through her form, making me back away in shock.
She whipped her head around and I met her gaze.
She looked as shocked as I was.
"Can you...see me?" She asked. I quickly nodded, not knowing what else to do at this point.
She got up from her seat, a small cat following behind.
"Daebak...I can't believe you can see me! This has never happened before!" She said, smiling.
Still taken back at what was happening, I stood frozen.
When I didn't respond, she started laughing.
"What? Afraid of ghosts?" My eyes widened and she laughed even harder.
"Can you believe that Minnie? The only person who can see me is afraid of ghosts!" The cat walked towards me and went through my leg making me gasp out of shock.
"Minnie! What did I tell you about phasing through people!" She ran and picked her up as she meowed.
"Sorry, she does that a lot. I just can't believe this though. That you can actually see us when we don't make ourselves visible to you. This is amazing!" She shouted, smiling.
"What's your name?" She asked.
"Y-Yugyeom." I stuttered.
"Ah nice to meet you! My name is Na Ra!" She stuck her hand out as if motioning for me to shake it. I reached my hand out and she shocked me when she grabbed my hand and moved it up and down with hers.
She feels so...cold...
She dropped my hand and I brought it back to my side, still in a daze.
"So what do you do Yugyeom?" She sat back down near the window and stared at me.
"I-uh...am a singer, in a band..." I whispered.
"Wah...that is amazing! Are the others part of the band as well?" I nodded, answering her question.
"I can't believe that I live with singers! You will have to sing for me sometime!" She smiled brightly.
When I didn't answer her, she stared at me.
"What? Afraid of talking to me? It's not like I am going to possess you or something. I am not like that at all!" She shook her hands in front of her, trying to clear up the misunderstanding.
"I-It's not that..." I trailed off. She tilted her head, confused. "I...just have never seen a ghost before..."
"Really? That is so weird...I wonder why you can see me though..." She pondered.
"So, um...what happened to you? If you don't mind me asking..." I asked, being more vocal than before as I fumbled with my fingers.
"Well...I am a ghost so I did-"
"Yes, I died. Here in this house." She gave me a small smile at her words.
"I was murdered by some bozos who came to rob the house one night when I was alone. And so here I am, with Minnie, to forever roam this house." She sighed.
"Why can't you move on?" I asked, becoming more comfortable talking to her.
"I have something to finish...It's kind of complicated..." She said, twirling her hair.
"O-Okay...Well I hope that you can finish it soon..." She looked up at me in shock and I smiled at her.
"Me too..." She trailed off.
"Yugyeom! The food is here!" Jaebum called out.
Not wanting to leave her, I glanced at the stairs and back at her.
"I will be right back, okay?" She nodded, as she watched me leave.
I ran down to the living room and noticed the food all spread out on the table.
Before everyone else could finish everything, I grabbed a few wings and a cola.
"Thank you for the food!" I said disappearing again.
"What is he so happy about?" Mark asked, noticing the smile on my face.
"No idea. If I didn't know better, I would say that it was a girl." Jackson said, making the others ooh.
"Ah come on, you know that he hasn't liked anybody since-"
"Okay, enough talking, let's just eat okay?" Jaebum said.
"Ne!" The responded as they shoved the food in their faces.
When I ran back up to the room, I noticed that she was in the same spot, her cat curled up next to her feet.
"Wow that was fast," she laughed.
"You have to be fast with my hyungs or else the food will disappear." I said as I moved a chair over to sit in front of her.
"You can go eat with them...you don't have to eat up here-"
"It's okay. I want to talk to you." I smiled.
"O-Okay...well what do you want to talk about?" She stuttered, embarrassed.
"Like...what is your favorite color?"
"Blue!" She screamed, making me fall off the chair at her sudden answer.
"Sorry," she said, reaching out to me to help me back up. "I got too excited."
"To answer what is your favorite color?" I laughed, taking her hand to help me sit up.
"Shut it." She said, making me laugh more.
"Okay...what is your favorite food?"
"Really? Me too!" I agreed.
"I just wish that I could eat it again...I would give anything to just have a small piece." She said, licking her lips as if she could taste it now.
"Maybe I can get some here soon." I suggested.
"Really?! Thank you!" She ran to hug me and went right through me, falling through the floor, disappearing.
"Na Ra? Are you okay?" I called out, getting close to the part of the floor that she went through.
"Yep!" She said, her head popping into my vision, making me fall over again. She laughed as she brought her whole body back into view.
"You are so easy to scare!" She giggled.
"Oh shut it." I laughed along with her.
"Okay so what else do you want to know?" She said, going back to the window to sit in front of me as I got up from the floor again.
"Everything." I said unconsciously, lost in the moment.
"Everything?" She chuckled. "That could take a while..."
"Well, I have all night."
"Okay, well let's go back to my earliest memory, when I was two I was the clumsiest little thing and I would trip over my own feet. There was this one time..." I smiled as I watched her talk, feeling connected to someone for the first time in a while.
I listened to her ramble on and on and found myself just staring at her - not realizing that my once boring, dull life was about to change.
Big time.

Omo! Yugyeom and Na Ra are so cute!

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and look forward to next Saturday for the next one! XD
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