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Hey guys!! Its Boinx here. Lets take a quick look into SAO today :3 But first grab your nerve gear and snap it on. Got it?! Good, now let's begin. Link Start
Welcome to Sword Art Online! *Logs in. Virtual game checks our vitals before sending us on. Bright light appears almost blinding us as the virtual reality world becomes visible*
*We walk around and meet a tall red head boy who seems to be having some trouble. Being a kind person we give him a quick demonstration as we explain in words whipping a magical rock at a lvl 1 boar. As we talk we learn his name is Klein.*
*As Klein draws his sword we watch as he takes down the very same boar we just hit. After a bit more chatting between us and Klein he decides its time to log out for his pizza delivery.*
What?! No log out button!! There has got to be some kind of mistake! *just then a loud bell can be heard echoing in the distance from the town of beginnings as we are transported to it.*
*While we wait a dome like shield forms above our heads with the words caution as something blood like oozes from it. As it drips it form into a hooded man in a dark cloak.* Akihiko Kayaba! The very man who created this world. *We listen to his words finding out the missing log out button was not a mistake and that he planned it from the beginning so he could be god like and rule over us. We also find out if the nerve gear is tampered with a small microwave like shock will generate and fry our brains. Everyone begins to panic.*
*Akihiko Kayaba then announces that he left a small present in each and everyones inventory. Being curious we all check.* What this?! A mirror *as we look into the mirror pondering why such a gift bright lights engulf us all as the mirror works its magic filling the whole dome in a blinding white light.*
*Once the light dies down everyone has changed. No longer their avatars but a replicated image of their real life selves.* 100 Floors?! Thats impossible. It'll take years and years before we can clear the game. *Boys & Girls of all ages can be heard panicking from around us. Akihiko Kayaba dissapears as does the dome letting us rome free through out this new world.* Have to make it to the next town if we want to survive.
-Days if not weeks pass- *A meeting is called for players to discuss how we are gonna take down the first floor boss. Everyone talks giving ideas when a man complains about beta testers and how they are cheaters. The issue is quickly resolved when it is explained that the beta testers are the ones who handed game guides to the other players.*
*After more talk we are asked to form parties.* What?! Parties? *groans* I'm a solo player *looks over at a loan cloaked person* Well I guess we can team up. *We talk to the cloaked figure who barely utters a word and join a party. Now onto the boss.*
*The boss is finally found not too long after. We enter the boss room as the 4 long health bars appear above his head. Walking further in we take formation as we charge at it.*
*Switching back and forth our partner and us take turns as we slash at the boss lowering his HP quite quickly. As we do this the hood of her cloak is removed revealing beautiful long orange hair. Not loosing focus for one moment we take him down*
*A big congratulations appears above us as a message appears in our mailbox.* Last drop bonus. *looking in our inventory we see coat of midnight and put it on. A man behind us accuses us of being a beta tester and cheating. Accuses us of not caring about the players who died but only ourselves.* A beta tester?! Heh! Don't lug me in with those losers. I am much better! *The man then goes further calling us a beater* Hmm, beater. I like the sound of that. *We then walk off making our way to the stairway to the next floor*
*Asuna follows behind us as we walk away*
Listen, get yourself into a strong guild and survive. *We give her advice and disolve the party walking away again*
-End of Day 1- [[Sorry I'm not very good at story writing or roleplay xD but I thought I would try something new for a change. We all know I don't own SAO so credit to the writer/creator *-* Also I hope you all Comment/Like/Clip and follow along beside me later on as we continue our journey!! Thanks and have a great day! -Boinx]]