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So... during their Epilogue concert in Beijing, Namjoon supposedly felt unwell. As an ARMY, I am really worried about all of Bangtan's health and I hope that he makes a speedy recovery... I really do hope BigHit will take care of them better and that all of Bangtan lives happy and healthy. <3
Bighit's update regarding Namjoon and Bangtan.
@ghxul I'm sure they will. Big Hit has taken care of them this far,so I'm sure they just need to hydrate more rest and try and get the venue cooled before the performances
@LunaCordero Oh yeah, I heard the heat in China is no joke. All of them looked so exhausted after performing. I just hope BigHit lets them drinks lots of fluids before, during, and after the concert. And check if everyone is okay.
poor guys the heat must be exhausting hope they rest a bit more and remain healthy!.
ah I hope he feels better