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Otaku Struggles 馃槀

This is one of the million reasons why my mom doesn't like me watching anime. :)

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hahaha sucks for all you I'm a girl and my mom doesn't care. she just walks by like wtf are you watching? then says you know what I don't care to know and keeps walking
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lmaoooo this always happenes to me.
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I was watching SnK one time late at night and when my mom passed by she asked me why I was watching an anime with naked people running around xD
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Haha I'm glad I don't have that problem. Both my parents are just as obsessed with fairy tail as I am. They even tell me some good animes that they've seen on Hulu which is pretty badass as well. ;3
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Tell me about it. Like you spend 10 kinutes watching an epic foght scene and then right when the female protagonists clothes get shredded by some monster my mom walks in. Like...just...WTF Universe?!
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