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Hey y'all! Back with a new edition of 'VIXX MEMES' featuring our fierce yet adorable rapper, RAVI! Enjoy!
In honour of his new release, here are some DAMNRA related memes. Honestly, the first picture is how the MV should've been.
Sister WonSik is the reason I have not yet sinned after watching VIXX'S MVs. Thank you, sister. AHAHAHAHA JONG HYUN.
Your ass better HAJIMA immediately since he's asking so nicely. The difference is that Ravi's reaction reaction wouldn't be like that if it were me instead of N. Just sayin'.
Thank you Hongbin for giving birth to him. Truly, a miracle.
That's it for this card. I know it's really short but honestly, it was a S T R U G G L E finding memes of this guy. Guess all that fierce swagger ain't for nothing. Can't even make fun of him now!
I don't own any of these pictures. Credits to whoever made them. Tagging some lovely Starlights for now! @mandynoona @helixx @KAddict @kpopandkimchi @AimeeH @starbell808 if you wanna be tagged, lemme know!
If you've missed the HONGBIN EDITION, I really suck at this and don't know how to add the link here but just go to my collection and check it out x'D
See you!
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Wait did Ravi actually say 'I'm dirty and a sensitive crybaby?' Was her referring to dirty in a sexually way or dirty I never shower way? These boys love to troll!
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@Princess2425 You can take it anyway you want πŸ˜‰ but I do think he meant as in he rarely showers πŸ˜‚
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Sister Wonshik!!! Even dressed like that, he's still sexy.......
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I loved this. I laughed so hard at the LR one when it compares Ravi's voice to a garbage truck, that it hurt. I feel you on how hard it is to find memes of this guy. I made my own Ravi meme card once... *shakes fist at the internet gods*
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