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Genre: Angst
Pairing: ???
Warning: (M), Language
Length: 2343 words
Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.
Part: 8/?
A/N: hey guys, i just wanted to say thanks once again for following me! I’m on 2640 followers- once I get to 3000, prepare yourselves for another angst oneshot! i’m also thinking of doing a following spree as I need some new blogs to follow:) Also, to all of those asking, i do apologise for rushing the end of all the series i had. I have a lot to do (in rl lol) and people wouldn’t stop with the asks, so i did it to shut them up lmao. i do apologise, and maybe when i have time, i’ll come back to edit/expand on them. anyway enough rambling, please anticipate future updates! :)
“Jungkook”, I gasped, immediately stepping between them. “What part of ‘one hour’ did you not understand?”
Jungkook continued to glare at Yoongi like I hadn’t even spoken.
“Ah, so you’re Jungkook”, Yoongi exclaimed through breathy laughs. Jungkook must have pushed quiet hard- he sounded winded. “Well let me tell you something, Jungkook. Y/n is mine, so stay the hell away from her.”
I turned to face him, but couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eye. “OK Yoongi, shut the fuck up. I left you. And I have no intention of getting back with you.”
Silence. “Look me in the eye and say that.”
“Get the fuck out”, Jungkook thankfully cut our conversation short.
“We have having a perfectly civil conversation before you rudely interrupted”, Yoongi hummed.
“I heard everything, you hit her. Now get out before I-”
“-OK,OK.” I was surprised to see Yoongi hold his hands up in defeat. “I’ll leave for now, but let me tell you y/n, I’m not too pleased with you.” His tone was amused, even though his words were anything but funny. “I’ll talk to you later.”
He pushed past the two of us and walked away, knowing full well that he’d achieved what he came here to do, which was to get under my skin.
As soon as m front door slammed shut, I turned to scowl at Jungkook. “I was handling it, Jungkook! Why did you have to barge in like that?”
“I saw the two of you!”, he replied incredulously. “You were hardly handling it y/n!”
“You don’t get it! You’ve made it ten times worse for me. Now I know he won’t leave me alone, because he’s seen you!” I pushed past him in anger, but he was quick to grab me.
“I’ve never seen you scared of someone before ... let me help you, please.” His tone was gentle, completely the opposite of mine.
“I’m not scared of that bastard, you got it? And I don’t need anyone’s help!”
Jungkook looked shocked for a moment at my yelling, but then his grip tightened on my wrist. “Y/n, he is mental. I’m being serious right now, you need someone to help you. Now, I don’t know whether you have an ego thing going on or-”
I snatched my hand away. “It’s not a fucking ego thing. It’s’s all of you.”
His face scrunched up in confusion. “What do you mean?”
“You...Yoongi.. I know your type of people. You’re all the same! He was just like you as well.”
“OK calm down y/n. I can assure you, I’m nothing like him, OK? I actually care about you.”
I laughed humorlessly. “Funny. That’s exactly what he said to me too.” Jungkook threw up his hands in frustration. “Are you even hearing yourself right now? You’re as psychotic as he is if you really believe we’re alike!”
I saw a lot of Yoongi in Jungkook. Yoongi also cared for me like this in the first couple of weeks of our relationship, before he showed his true colors. I couldn't put myself through that ordeal again. I just couldn’t.
My breathing was erratic and shallow- I’d never felt anger like this. I wasn’t even that angry at Jungkook- most of it was aimed at Yoongi, but he wasn’t here. And Jungkook was. “Get out.”
Jungkook’s face fell immediately. “What? You can’t ...y/n, what if he comes back?”
“If he comes back, then I’ll deal with him like I fucking told you I would. Now leave.”
“I thought...”, he let out a small laugh and tried again. “I thought there was a small chance you might like me too. I guess not.”
It took all my willpower to hold back the tears as I coldly whispered, “No strings attached.”
That was the rule I followed, right? So why did it hurt so much when I found out he’d gone back to his bitch of an ex-girlfriend a week later?
After Jungkook walked out that morning, the two of us hadn’t contacted each other at all. And surprisingly, I had heard nothing from Yoongi either- he was probably drinking himself into.
I first laid eyes on Jungkook when I was out with Jimin. I didn’t want to, but he practically forced me out. Right away, I got a sense of deja vu- it felt like that day I had been with Taehyung, and I’d seen Jungkook at the cafe.
I didn’t know whether to be distraught or angry when I saw him holding hands with Mianhe. I started walking faster and Jimin sped up to match my pace. “Y/n, why the sudden rush?” He had just been moaning about how his parents liked me, and he probably thought I sped up because I didn’t like the conversation topic.
“I’ve just seen Jungkook”, I explained. I didn’t have to say anymore. With Taehyung now on girlfriend duties, I only had Jimin left to rant to- so he knew everything.
“Oh”, was all he said as the two of us rushed away. “Let’s go back to mine”, I muttered, feeling bothered as I envisioned Jungkook and her together. If he’d gone straight back to her then he was weak as fuck.
I was almost in the safety of m home when my phone started to ring. Thinking it was Jungkook, I left it in my pocket, not even bothering to look, but I gave up when it started ringing for the third time. I stiffened when I saw the call was from ‘Unknown’.
Without really thinking, I answered it. “Yoongi?” Jimin stopped in his tracks and turned to stare at me in shock.
“Y/n...”, he sounded like he was sick...maybe he had a sore throat? I wasn’t sure. “I want to see you...can I see you?”
“I’m sure you have photos in your camera roll”, I muttered. To my surprise, he just chuckled. “Please baby. Please, come to me. Don’t tell your boyfriend.”
“He’s not my boyfriend, I was lying”, I impulsively responded. There was a small pause before Yoongi replied, “I thought so. Will you come?” I glanced at Jimin, my bottom lip trapped between my teeth as I wondered what to do. Me and Jimin and already had today, so he could go home if he wanted.
“Give me an hour”, I quickly replied and hung up.
“Y/n, you can’t! Not after everything that’s happened!” Jimin jumped in as soon as I ended the call.
I slapped a hand to my forehead. “Fuck. I don’t know what came over me. I’m worse than Jungkook, shit.”
Jimin checked his watch. “Oh crap, I’ve got half an hour before my shift starts and I can’t leave you like this.”
“Go to work Jimin. I’ll tell you what happens.” He opened his mouth to reply, but I cut in. “I’ll be fine. Now go.” He had no option but to set off. His boss was an asshole and he didn’t want to risk losing his job just for being late.
I was close to my house so I decided to go home to calm myself down. Why had I done that to myself? Why hadn’t I said no? I felt like - at the back of mind- because I had seen Jungkook back with his ex, that meant I could go see mine. Brilliant logic.
An hour flew by and I found myself knocking on Yoongi’s door. It felt weird- I hadn’t been here since the day I walked out. He wordlessly answered and invited me in. His skin looked flushed- so he was either drunk or he had a temperature.
“You didn’t even ask me why I wanted to see you.”
I just blinked at him. I hadn’t asked. Like an idiot I had just agreed to come. I warily sat a safe distance from his on the sofa and fiddled with my fingers. “Why did you call? It’s been a week of nothing, and then out of the blue you want to see me?”
Yoongi had this habit of never answering my questions properly. “You wanted this too, or else you wouldn’t be here.”
I read somewhere that it takes a woman an average of 7 times to successfully leave an abusive relationship. I had only left him once, so I was cautious of being here again. With him.
It was him who broke the ensuing silence. “Y/n, I love you. You know that. I’m sorry about what happened last time we met, I really am. Did you like the flowers I got you?”
I nodded mutely, thinking about the bouquet festering at the bottom of my bin. He was sorry about last time...but what about all the other times?
“May I ask who Jungkook was then? I mean, if he wasn’t your boyfriend?”
My hands visibly twitched at the mention of his name. “He was just a friend.”
“Was?”, Yoongi probed, and I sighed, wanting to drop the subject. I noticed him move closer to me in my peripheral vision. “What do you mean ‘was’?”
“We...fell out.” I was starting to really regret going to hid house. He dropped the subject, so I asked him, “Who was that girl you went to the restaurant with?”
“A...friend”, he smirked, and I knew he was mimicking me, but I didn’t ask any further questions. She was probably his fuck buddy, poor girl.
Before I could respond, I felt Yoongi’s lips tenderly brush the side of my neck, eliciting a small gasp from me. He never had to do a lot to get a reaction out of me, and he knew it. When I didn’t stop him, he proceeded to suck the skin, determined to mark me.
“Yoongi”, I sighed. I shouldn’t have let him, I know. But, you know the reason I knew Jungkook was weak? Because I was too. He hummed in satisfaction at the sound of my voice. As I shut my eyes, the only thing I could see was...Jungkook. Jungkook kissing me. Yoongi shouting at me. Jungkook hugging me. Yoongi slamming me against the wall in a drunken rage. Jungkook stroking my hair. Yoongi’s slaps. Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook.
My eyes snapped open in sudden realisation. I shouldn’t have let him go. I turned to face Yoongi, who was softly rubbing my back. The beautiful, ethereal Min Yoongi who said he loved me. His words were empty, I knew that. His ‘ I love you’s’ carried no meaning, but I fell for them every time.
“Yoongi, I’ve got to go”, I choked out. I needed to get out of there, I felt like I was suffocating.
“Why baby? You only just got here. Please stay.”
“I...I have work soon”, I lied on the spot. I was astonished when he believed it. With a quick peck on the lips he leaned back to stare at me...lovingly. It wasn’t an expression I was used to- especially from him. “When are you free?”
Did he think we were OK? Just like that? “I’ll text you”, I muttered. standing up. He matched my movements to lead me out. “Let me at least walk you home, Princess.”
When I stared at him dumbly, he explained, “You’re gonna have to go home to change into uniform,right? So let me take you.” I agreed, simply because I knew he wouldn’t let me go if I didn’t. I just prayed to whoever was looking down on me- please let Jungkook and Mianhe not be out.
To get home, I’d have to walk past the cafe they had been walking towards earlier, so there was every chance Jungkook might see. I knew I shouldn’t care, he had moved on, but I couldn’t help it. But of course luck wasn’t on my side.
I couldn't help but look through the cafe window. My eyes widened and my heart dropped at the quietly hostile glare Jungkook was already giving us as Yoongi led me down the street. His girlfriend, forever on her phone, was completely oblivious. I tore my gaze away from him and continued walking.
Once we got to my house, I yanked my hand away and mumbled “Thank you.” As I turned to unlock the door, he grabbed me by the waist and made me turn to him, and without a word of warning, placed his lips on mine.
I dropped my keys in shock and instinctively snaked my fingers through his hair as his tongue met mine. This is what he did to me. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway.
I only pulled him away when I heard someone clear their throat. And that someone looked even more pissed, if that was possible. Why had Jungkook followed us? And where was his girlfriend? So many questions.
“Ah”, Yoongi panted. “Jungkook, right?” He knew full well it was Jungkook but neither of us said anything. “I’m sorry to hear you and y/n aren’t friends anymore.” Jungkook’s eyes darkened, but still he remained quiet.
I knew Yoongi was fully taking advantage of the situation. He chastely pressed his lips to my forehead. “I’ll see you later Princess. Enjoy work”, and sauntered off.
I only turned to face Jungkook once Yoongi had turned the corner.
“A friend of Mianhe’s turned up so I took that opportunity to follow you”, he started off, his voice laced with disgust. “It looked like he was forcing you to go with him. But you’re just back together, my bad.”
“We’re not back tog-”
“-Save it y/n. I don’t give a shit. I just didn’t know you could stoop this low.”
My eyes narrowed. “Oh right? That’s fucking rich coming from someone who’s got back together with his whore of a girlfriend!”
“She’s still ten times better than you ever will be! Because I’m not some abusive drunk jerk and she’s not some weak, pathetic girl wanting nothing but sex and approval!”
I physically stepped back at his words, shock plastered all over my face. For the first time in a long time, I was rendered speechless. That’s how he saw me?
Maybe...maybe that’s all I was.
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Hey dont focus on all the askers and people only caring for themselves regarding your stories. Your health and wellness as a pesron is more important than the stories. Take care of yourself and your sister hun <3
I'm hooked on this so much, I just hope by the end she finally heals and gets a healthy relationship or a healthy self relationship
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