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I'm so tired of this, just let the child live, Jesus Christ.
Lol I just wish for once an idol would turn up and be like "shut up about my skin!" I know suho told fans to stop mentioning Kai's skin but I can't think to another time off the top of my head.
People won't stop bullying idols I don't understand it. What did they ever do to you besides create wonderful music. Why would you attack them for their skin. I wish that idols wouldn't apologise time and time again for things that aren't their fault like the tanning of their skin.
This pisses me off to no end I hate it so much and I love him to death but he shouldn't be giving into it. "Cultural differences" will never make this okay.
Oh come on, you can't really help a tan. (I mean I know I can't even if I apply sunscreen but I'm also naturally tan....) Either way, if the boy gets a tan, I would just appreciate him either way. Its his skin not yours lol These fans man, trying to tell idols (in general) how to live their life and what they can and cannot do. So silly XD
@erinleighbrill he could sneeze and it would offend someone. People are so childish nowadays and I agree, he shouldn't have to apologize because he did nothing wrong. But since Tae is a little ball of sunshine and wants everyone to be happy, he'll apologize. 馃槯
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