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Two twins born at the same time yet seperated as children. As time passed the male twin was raised to be a loyal servant while the female twin was raised to be a beautiful queen. Once they both were at age the male and female twin were reunited as servant and queen. The male twin was loyal to his beautiful queen that he would do what ever the queen ordered. One day as the male twin was running errands for his queen he spotted a beautiful maiden and once he layed eyes on her he knew it was love at first sight. However his queen ordered for the maiden's death for the queen loved the man the maiden was dating. So as much as it pained the male twin to do he eliminated the maiden. The maiden's man found out about the death of his lover that he began to feel sadness and anger. A lady in red who knew about the queen's cruel acts asked for the man to join alliance and take down the queen. The whole town joined in on the revolution to take down the queen, as for the male twin heard he dressed up as his queen and demanded the queen to change into his clothes. Since they both looked alike no one noticed they trade places and ended up killing the male twin and for the female twin hidden within the crowd watched his twin die with tears in her eyes. Looking at a picture of both the twins the queen was sad of her twins death hoping they will met in their next life. The End Could you tell me what this story is based on?
The Story of Evil, the vocaloid series.
yup you got it right