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Sorry for being absent on the other cards but I haven't read those types of manga nothing against them I just haven't read those specific types of manga my apologies but on with the card if you would allow me to :3

Tite Kubo: Noted Series Bleach

Tite Kubo is one of the many mangaka artist out there that is constantly stressed out from work barely sleeps and goes to the hospital due to illness. However my appreciation for Kubo-sama is that he persist even though fans have turned on him in a disgusting way. He does something cool "no it's stupid ass pulls" he does something awesome "it's getting good"? As well as his editing team hounding him for chapters color pages and taking his that's right HIS manga in a different direction than he wants. Why has Byakuya come back after death? because editors. Time after time Kubo has taken the manga that is Bleach in one direction and the editors take it in another and the crazy part is you can see this shift. The way people treat Kubo as fans is DISGUSTING if they even come close to CLAIMING being a fan of anime/manga, because this community is a beautiful one and we should be nice to one another and appreciate we gt anything at all. Look at other mangas that come out monthly or YEARLY it's ridiculous and the fact that Kubo can push past all that still put out chapters and continue the characters, story, and lore that is Bleach is commendable regardless of what dere you are.
Bleach is as of now scheduled to end soon, and no matter what happens I will support Kubo in his decision if he decides to make another series great if he wants to take a break and rest I'll buy the massages. Bleach was the series that got me into both manga and anime and I love Kubo for giving me this wonderful experience that I have been enveloped in so to Tite Kubo I salute and say thank you :)

Honorable Mention: Hiro Mashima Noted Series-Fairy Tail

Gotta give a quick shoutout to one of the fastest manga artist out there who's series I finished in both manga and anime form. As well as transferring my favorite character from said manga/anime to his new series...and I can still love him as my favorite :3
So what do you think? Which author do you appreciate and why? Hopefully It's OK I didn't post on something I didn't know about with the other post regardless I hope to read your cards :D