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Well I was just told that my bias had a heat stroke in Beijing at their latest Epilogue Concert. It's so hard to take in that my poor baby collapsed and Seokjin had caught him just before he fell onto his knees Aish!! It's said that he's fine now, but hopefully he will stay in well health when coming to LA for KCON it's extremely hot over here and I really hope he stays okay.

My poor Namjoonie!!

I'll link the website I read it on.

Thank you for your precious time guys!

Amazing Kpopper Friends -

Heart to you all~! (U・ω・)⊃❤

@AnimeKpopFreak *crying* *screaming*
@BabydollBre yeah Namjin for life and yeah I hope they all get well
didn't Yoongi go down too? Someone take care of my puppies I don't need them collapsing. although jin catching Joon before he fell makes me ship them so much harder now. He looks good in his pics I hope he stays healthy.
ahhh namjoonie! I hope he gets well soon and that takes enough rest! his healthy comes first I'm glad big hit realize this hopefully he rests well and that the other six members are able to carry on with the events and stuff 💕
@Xoxojessica12 yes and cheer rap Mon on together
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