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@Aero2042 This was the chocolate I told you about :P Vosges has a ton of different flavors..besides the bacon chocolate I also really liked the Naga, which has curry powder inside (sounds strange but actually tasted really good :))
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@Minjaeturtles thanks, I'll look it up :))
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honestly I think I'd go for the matcha bar cause that might be really good
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@curtisb your blasphemous vile will not go unpunished by the Bacon. Repent now and accept Bacon. The all-knowing Bacon forgives all sins!
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Don't care @blackmage I'm not religious
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@minjaeturtles : That sounds so interesting! Curry and bacon. Looks like they have banana too. I definitely want to try this^^! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know. I'll let you know how it tastes :P
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