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It's saturday again peeps! and you know what time it is....... Singer appreciation saturdays! I know I've kind of been MIA this week but Im back, so lets get this show on the road! This saturday I will be talking about Crush!!!
Crush is also my fave singer as I mentioned in my intro card, #1 to be exact! He's super creative and very talented! He's a producer, a rapper, a singer, and songwriter! Haha he's 4 in 1! But Crush was featured in many songs before he made his official debut! Listen to him now if you haven't it's a choice you won't regret! By the way I will mention his adorable good looks!
so let's talk about his work shall we? Crush debuted in 2012 with His First Single "Red dress" and Then came out with "Sometimes" which was actually the first song I heard. Aroud that time Crush came out with his first album "Crush on you" look down below for the tracklist. 1. I Fancy You 2. A little bit 3. Hey Baby ft. Zion T 4. Whatever you do ft. Gray 5. I'm Fine ft. Kumapark 6. Lovely ft. Choiza 7. I Want You 8. Hug me ft. Gaeko 9. Give it to me ft. Jay park and Simon D 10. Friday? (Friday ya) ft. Jinbo 11. Sometimes He then came out with His single "Sofa" and later on came out with his single "Oasis" and "You and I" Then in 2016 he came out with "Don't Forget" ft. Taeyeon and his most recent mini album "Interlude" which the tracklist is below. 1. In the Air 2. woo ahh 3. 9 to 5 ft. Gaeko 4. Castaway ft. Miso 5. Dust So the crush on you album is my top fave! and "I fancy you" Is my favorite song on it. And my fave song out of all his work is "Oasis" ft. Zico and Zion T.
appreciate the good looks people!!
oh and his dorky personality is sooooooo cute!
Thank you Crush for your talents! We Love you! Tagging: @PasstheSuga