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Chapter 10
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Taehyung POV
Because the boys were driving him nuts Taehyung ended up coming back to class decently early. He sat at his desk trying to gather his thoughts again. The warning bell for lunch rang and he watched as his classmates came flowing into the room. Taehyung watched as both Namjoon and [Y/N] walked into the room together and sat down at their desks. Instead of jealousy this time, he felt sadness. ‘Oh yeah, they ate lunch together,’ Taehyung thought taking a deep breath.
“Okay everyone, we will be starting gym class momentarily so please gather your uniforms and head toward your respective locker rooms. You will meet on the track south of the school in fifteen minutes. Your teacher will be Mr. Park,” Ms. Kim announced to the class.
The whole class started to dig their gym uniforms out of their bags, Taehyung included. Taehyung was about to follow the rest of the class when he noticed [Y/N] still digging in her bag. He saw her uniform pants were on her desk but not her shirt. Taehyung looked at his and walked over to [Y/N]. He squatted down next to [Y/N] and handed her his shirt. She looked at him with surprise and her face turned bright red. Taehyung also blushed and motioned the shirt to her again. “Here, you’re missing your shirt aren’t you,” Taehyung asked [Y/N]. “Y-yeah. I can’t seem to find it,” she said looking at the floor.
“Well here take mine. I’m wearing a shirt under my uniform soIi’ll use that.”
“But won’t you get in trouble?”
“Nah, it won’t be a big deal. Promise.”
[Y/N] grabbed the shirt and looked into Taehyungs eyes. Taehyung could feel himself soften and he smiled at her. He pat her head and stood up, [Y/N] followed. “By the way,” Taehyung said blushing all the way up to his ears. [Y/N] looked Taehyung in the eyes again and Taehyung felt his mouth going dry as he tried to finish his sentence. “You look really beautiful today.” Taehyung smiled at [Y/N] again and turned to leave the class in a hurry.
Taehyung walked down the hall covering his face, just below his eyes, with the crook of his arm. He was blushing from his neck up to his ears. He soon started to jog toward the locker room to create a new reason why his heart was beating so quickly.
You stood there trying to catch your breath. Your heart was pounding and your lungs weren’t working. You stood there alone in the classroom staring at the door. You squeezed the shirt that was in your hand realizing that what just happened, actually happened. Putting your hand to your chest, you felt the pace of your heart, how it was speeding. ‘H-he... He,’ unable to finish your thought you took a deep breath. You knew you had wasted enough time and ran out of the classroom in a hurry and toward the girls locker room.
When you showed up at the girls locker room most all of the girls were already changed and heading toward the track. You saw Nana sitting on a bench waiting for you so you ran over to her out of breath. “Girl what took you so long, hurry up,” Nana said aggravated. “Sorry, sorry. I’ll hurry,” you said as you started to change.
“Seriously we are going to be late.”
“You can go ahead without me. I’ll catch up.”
As you pulled Taehyung’s shirt over your head you could smell it and it made your heart race even more. Reminding you of the moment in the classroom. It had the scent of lavender detergent and cologne. The cologne smelled like wood with a hint of fruitiness. “That shirt is a little big, did you order the wrong size,” Nana asked looking at you weirdly and sounding suspicious. The shirt’s length went to about mid thigh and the sleeves down to your elbows. You picked up the collar of the shirt smelling it again. “Yeah by accident. I have a new one on order.” You said to her with a smile, “Let’s get going. We will be late.” The two of you ran out the door of the gym and toward the track which wasn’t far off.
When you got to the track the girls and boys had already been separated by Mr. Park. Mr. Park had everyone stand in rows of five so he could get a count as to who was there and who wasn’t. You looked around at everyone and noticed that the uniform shirts had their names on it. You looked down at the shirt you were wearing and read, “Kim Taehyung”. You gasped and quickly put your hand over the left side of your chest and blushed. ‘Crap,’ you thought, ‘I totally forgot they had names on them!’ You face palmed yourself with your other hand and Nana looked at you. “What are you doing,” she whispered as to not get caught by Mr. Park. You slowly showed her the name on the shirt and she looked at you with a look of surprise. She pursed her lips and eyes going between yours and the Taehyung’s name. Trying not to smile, you nodded at her. Nana narrowed her eyes slightly then turned back up to the front but you didn’t notice. You put your hand back over the name and clenched it. ‘God, how could I have forgotten something so important,’ you thought to yourself.
“Kim Taehyung!” Shouted Mr. Park. You watched as Taehyung stepped forward from the boys group. “Where is your gym shirt,” Mr. Park asked. “I left it at home,” Taehyung responded.
“Run a lap for being unprepared for class.”
Taehyung nodded and started to run. You started to step toward the front of the girls to say something but Taehyung’s eyes caught yours. He put his finger to his lips and winked at you as to say “Don’t say anything, it’s fine.” Even though this moment happened for mere seconds, it seemed like an eternity to you. You blushed and watched as he quickly ran past and hit the first curve of the track.
“Now everyone else,” Mr. Park yelled to the group, “find a partner and begin your stretches.”
You and Nana paired up and started to do different stretches. The whole time you would glance at Taehyung as he ran across the track at a quick pace. “Hey, quit staring at him. You’re eyes will turn to lasers,” Nana said stretching on her own. You grabbed her arms and crossed them behind her back helping her stretch. “I’m not staring,” You said holding her arms still.
“Mmhmm.” Nana rolled her eyes and removed herself from your grip. You looked at her confused but she continued to stretch on her own.
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