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We're gonna introduce Jenni's brother. Yey I hope you like him better then Dominic lol, who am I kidding no one likes Dominic at all somehow he turned into something different then he was supposed to be.
And if you missed the previous chapter by @SarahVanDorn here is a link to Part 28
Jenni had been tossing and turning all night not able to actually sleep. The amount of emotions going through her mind kept her awake. There was the excitement that Namjoon had finally told her he liked her and that he had gotten jealous. She was also afraid that he may turn out to be one of those guy’s who didn’t want the girl to have any guy friends, she’d witnessed that before and didn’t think she would be able to handle it, granted she didn’t have that many guy friends to begin with. The last thing that kept bugging her was that he had called her clueless. It hadn’t sunk it at the time but now it had. Was she really clueless to things around her? Her alarm beeped telling her it was 3 and time for her to wake up. Not bothering to shut it off she got up out of bed and got dressed and ready for work. A pair of legging and a black and white dress. She did her hair in pigtails and put on a panda ear headband. Finally turning the alarm off she left after waking Sarah up and telling her she would meet her at work. At the coffee shop she got coffee for herself, with a little time to spare sat down at a table and enjoyed some of her coffee, she would get another and one for Julia and Sarah before she left. Her phone rang and thinking it was sarah she answered. “I’m getting coffee right now” Jenni answered. “Early morning there?” the muffled voice on the other end wasn’t Sarah. “Hey bro” She grinned. Not having heard from him in a couple weeks it was good to hear from him. “How have you been doing?” he asked. “You have a minute to catch up?” “Yea, I have a half hour before the radio show starts. Just getting my coffee” she told him. “How is everything in Arizona? How’s Niki?” she asked. “Doing good, keeping busy with work” he said. “Niki got promoted at the pharmacy she is working at” he said. “That’s good” she nodded. “So I heard from Dominic the other day” he said. “He told me how you have a boyfriend” he said. “Jordan, why is Dominic telling you that?” Jenni groaned. “Because he’s my eyes and ears since I am not out there” Jordan chuckled. “So how serious is it?” he asked. “I was beginning to worry that you would be alone.” “Hey I’m not lonely” Jenni snapped. “Yea but you haven’t had a boyfriend since that guy who went off with your friend” he reminded her making her groan. “Thanks for reminding me. But this isn’t anything like that. He’s a very kind guy, and one that has a good career and isn’t clingy” she said. “What else?” he questioned. “You're worried about something if you just said he’s a kind guy and brought up how he is not clingy.” Oh her brother knew her. Pointing out good things only. “I’m having a couple worries about it. I had a fight with him the other day. We made up right after but still -” “Your now rehashing some of the things he said?” Jordan questioned. “Yea, like he called me clueless and thinks I don’t take things seriously” she told him. She listed off a couple of her other worries to him. When that was done Jordan started to tell her his thoughts. “Jen, you are ditzy, your oblivious but to a point you still understand everything that goes around you but you don’t want to face harsh reality unless you're forced too.” he told her. “So it really is the way people see me?” she said. “Yea and if this guy can see that than he’s gotten past your shy layer and to the real you.” he said. “Why are you so insightful on this stuff?” she questioned. Taking a look at the clock she realized she needed to get the coffee’s and get to work now. “I just know you sis.” he said. “Yea you do. Hey I have to hang up and get to work. Thank you for talking to me about this” she said. “How is it you knew I needed someone to talk to?” she chuckled. “It just worked out that way. Oh there was a reason I was calling though” he said before she was about to say goodbye. “What is it?” she asked. “Dominic told me he’s headed for a visit in a couple weeks. I was seeing if you and Sarah wanted to come out too?” he asked. “Let me think about that, plus ask sarah” Jenni said. “Think about it? He’s coming out in 2 weeks so you have a couple days to think on it” he told her. “Okay okay I’ll let you know soon” she said. “By big bro” she added before hanging up.
She was late, oh gosh she shouldn’t have talked so long on the phone. Jenni rushed into the booth just as Sarah took her seat. “One minute” Julia said on the intercom. “How is it your later than me when you left before I did?” Sarah questioned as she grabbed her coffee cup from Jenni. She had already given Julia hers. “Hey are we talking about my chem on air?” Jenni asked taking her seat. “I highly doubt any of our listeners would know who they are, besides we're not in the U.S” Sarah said. “Besides my chem isn’t doing anything for their reunion besides putting out their cd in a new case.’ She added. “Oh poo, okay fine, I have another topic I want to do anyway. It dawned on me about ten minutes ago” Jenni grinned. “Your on!” Julia called out. “What a fine morning we got here with Ruby and Diamond” Ruby said. “How’d everyone sleep or are you all just laying in bed waiting for the day to come.” “Lucky them if they are getting to Lay in bed! I got some good sleep last night though” Sarah laughed. “How about you Ruby?” she asked. “Not as great as you I see” she said. “Coffee coffee coffeee woke me up this morning though” “Coffee is our best friend” Sarah agreed. “True to that. Starting out our day I have a random question for you, about moi. What three words best describe me?” she questioned. “Klutzy, ditzy, oblivious, weird, and entertaining” Sarah answered right away, not even batting a lash. “No need to think about it just blurt out words” Ruby laughed. “You seriously have to call me ditzy?” she questioned. “Why are you curious? You know you are” Sarah said. “Oh gosh don’t tell me you came back to reality. Ruby no, no go back to your fantasy world. Its full of rainbows and unicorns” Sarah laughed. “But but I wanted to visit for a little while” Jenni whined. “And it’s panda’s and k drama’s that fill my fantasy world no rainbows and unicorns. I’m not a child Diamond.” Jenni added. Sarah burst out laughing. “Oh I needed that laugh this early in the morning” Sarah laughed. “Alright now what really brought this on?” she asked wiping a laughter tear from her eye. “Well I got a bit clarity this morning especially after talking it out and I’ve realized that if someone can actually realize how oblivious I get than it shows how well they actually know me” Jenni said. “Well duh, I could have told you that” sarah said. “Okay okay fine. I’m not as bright as you are Diamond” jenni said. “Alright we got a couple commercials coming up and we’ll be back” Jenni said as the light blinked and she clicked it. “So, who were you talking to? Was it Namjoon?” Sarah questioned. “Nope” Jenni said popping on the p. “Dominic?” she said next a little less unsure. “Nope” Jenni repeated. “Who was it?” Sarah finally asked. “Jordan called me this morning” Jenni said. “I talked to him about Namjoon” she said. “Oh god, what did he say?” sarah rolled her eyes. “He actually was glad I had someone and shockingly after hearing about the fight he likes him, even without meeting him.” Jenni laughed. “That’s good news. But what's with him giving you clarity over you being oblivious?” she asked. “He said something along the lines of he can see how oblivious I am than he knows me” Jenni said, it made Sarah laugh. “Oh I will agree with him on that note” she said. “He also asked if we wanted to come visit him at the end of the month” Jenni added. The face she made at hearing that. “We're back with Ruby and Diamond. So I’ve got a random thought. Diamond how come we never went on a ghost tour?” Jenni asked. “How do you go from describing you to ghosts. Wait no don’t answer that I don’t want to know how your mind works” Sarah laughed. “I don’t know, I was just thinking k drama’s, oh yey, I was just watching a couple drama’s about ghosts and than realized I’ve never actually been to places that are supposedly occupied by ghosts. I used to like ghost hunting, Diamond how come we haven’t gone ghost hunting?” Jenni went on a rant. “Okay Ruby, how much coffee have you had this morning?” Sarah said laughing. “A lot” Jenni said, “But that has very little to do with my thought process” Jenni added. “Well to point out, you couldn’t handle going out there on your own not to mention if we did you would go home and freak out at the slightest noise” Sarah said. “I can handle it and I’ll prove that I won’t freak out afterwards” Jenni said. “You want to make a bet on that one?” She questioned. “You know what let's take a couple callers and see if you would be able to face a night of ghosts. Oh now I want to lock you up in a haunted building and see how long you could last.” Sarah laughed. “Just don’t make me do it alone” jenni stated. “Wait hey don’t lock me up, that’s not nice of you!” Sarah laughed a little and than started taking callers, Four out of five callers said Ruby couldn’t handle it, the last caller said she could do it but then added his own comment about how she would get through it because her focus would go haywire and she would forget she was looking for signs of a ghost. “You know I don’t know if that would be accurate and agree or disagree and feel insulted” Jenni said after he hung up. “It’s a little bit of both” Sarah shrugged. “So do you want to pick up this challenge?” Sarah asked. “Yes, granted you're not locking me up in a building that just seems wrong. No I’ll do a ghost tour. We’ll plan it for in the next couple days” Jenni said. “Okay okay, no locking you up. So We’ll keep you posted on how Ruby does “ Sarah said. “Alright everyone We're gonna take a break but we’ll be back to you around Noon! Hopefully you come back for a listen. We’ll have a great show lined up for you!” Sarah said before she clicked the button.
After the show Sarah got a text from someone and Jenni got a text as well. “I’ll meet you back here at eleven thirty” Sarah said looking up from her phone. “Who are you meeting?” Jenni asked. “Kooki” Sarah answered. “Are you meeting namjoon?” she asked. “Unless he came with Kooki no” Jenni said as they started walking to the elevator. “Oh than who are you meeting?” Sarah asked. “You’ll see. Hey think about going to Arizona to see big bro with me? We got a couple more days” Jenni said. “What made you want to go see him?” She asked as the doors opened. “Nah, he asked me if I wanted to come out there” Jenni said as they got out and saw two people waiting outside of the studio. “Kooki” Sarah shouted out getting his attention. He looked at sarah and started walking over to her. “Looks like he didn’t bring Namjoon” Sarah called out to Jenni. “That’s okay” Jenni shrugged. “He came” She pointed to the motorcycle with Dominic leaning against it. “Jenni, no, you shouldn’t go with him” Sarah said when she approached closer. “I gotta talk to him about several things, He talked to jordan the other day too.” Jenni said. “Hi kooki” Jenni said as she looked at him. He grinned at her and shook his hair a little to get it out of his eyes. “Hi Jenni” he said. “Namjoon had to stay with the other guys today” he added. She shrugged. “That’s okay, I didn’t expect it” she said. “Anyway I’ll let you two go and I’ll go by Dominic.”
I have a feeling people already know what Jenni is going to talk to Dominic about but I don't know what Sarah and Kooki are gonna do. Nother thing, anyone else excited about the ghost challenge Jenni got. Omg am I looking forward to that, hmm I wonder if Sarah will allow Namjoon to join her okay okay I'm done I leave the next chapter to sarah! @SarahVanDorn !!!!!!
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Dominic better watch out, 'cause she's going to rip in to him. Ghost tours are fun. I went on one with a group of friends a couple of years ago in Charleston, SC. It's was a haunted jail and around 11 pm. I will now readily admit I had a good time scaring other people. I got one person to scream bloody murder and a couple of others to just freak out. Only a few people know I was the culprit....yea, yea....I know, bad of me. Poor Jenni...but I bet Rap Mon would go with her.
@FromBlue2U oh gosh. you have that feeling do you, it may happen @SarahVanDorn 😂 that was a long time ago. and yes your doing next show.
She's going to rip Dom a new one. I can feel it.
@SweetDuella you know we have done a ghost tour awhile back and you kept freaking me out with going dude K have a bad feeling did you see that shit and I was like I wanna go home your scaring me.lol....am I doing the next show?