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Watch the whole thing's a bit better then the gifs.
Joshua & Woozi ♡♡
Woozi & Seungkwan ♡♡
Mingyu & S.Coups ♡♡
That jawline...and DK's reaction though. ♡♡
DK's neck...falling in love ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Hoshi & Dino ♡♡
The8 & Vernon ♡♡
Vernon & Jun ♡♡ Who wants to be a piece of kissing paper for Korean Idols in their next lifeu??? -me...Definitely me. lmbo
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Where do I sign up for this?! Lol
a year ago·Reply
@IsoldaPazo Ya, my beautiful baby is there, so why isn't he playing along?
a year ago·Reply
(And please add me to your tag list)
a year ago·Reply
@pharmgirlerin of course darling!! @BrennaTran have you seen my card lol
a year ago·Reply
I wish to be their lips I wonder what it would be like Hoshi and Dino though 😝😜
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