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My best cosplay memory was at my first con. I was eating lunch with my sister at the hotel's cafe. I was approached by a woman who asked if I was cosplaying Eridan from Homestuck. I told her that I was and she asked if her kids could take a picture. I was extremely happy that someone wanted to take a picture with me and I said yes. She had two kids, one who was maybe 11, and the other looked about 7. The seven-year-old was cosplaying as Cal, from Homestuck. I took a picture with them and the mom told me that she always sees her kids looking at Homestuck things and that she was going to set the photo as her computer background. After they left I started crying because it made me very happy to see that someone else was in my fandom. That might sound crazy, but at my school, I have no friends who like Homestuck and the people who used to like it have an undying hate for it and don't like it when I mention it. This is my best cosplay memory because it was what made me glad that I was at the con and showing off my love for the fandom!
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